Using Blueprints

A Blueprint is like a template, but any content that you create from a Blueprint will be automatically organized for you. There are several default Blueprints available in the Harvard Wikis - meeting notes, product requirements, and a file list. Each one can be customized to best meet the needs of your team.

When the first Blueprint is created on a space, a summary page will be automatically created that acts as an index for similar content. For example, if you use the "meeting notes" Blueprint each time you enter meeting notes into your Wiki space, you'll always have a page that lists and links to each meeting note page that you've created.

Creating Content from a Blueprint

You can create a page from a Blueprint by clicking on the "Create" button at the top of the page. Choose the Blueprint that you'd like to use and you'll receive a list of suggestions about how to use the Blueprint. 

After the Blueprint is selected, you'll just need to create content following the instructional text and filling in the pre-defined areas of the page. 

Managing and Adding Blueprints

If you know how to manage templates, you can manage Blueprints. You'll need Space Administration access to manage the Blueprints for your space. 

You can add a new Blueprint, but it's not as easy as adding a new template. There's some detailed information on the official documentation.

You can manage an existing Blueprint by clicking "Browse" on the top navigation bar and clicking "Space Admin." Once you're on the Space Administration screen, click "Templates" on the left side and then click the "Edit" button next to the Blueprint you want to edit. The Blueprint management is similar to the Confluence Editor, but the key difference is that there is a "Template" drop down available.

Clicking on Instructional Text allows you to enter text that will be displayed to the user as the Blueprint is filled out, but won't appear on the actual page that is created from the Blueprint. Instructional text is useful if you want to provide some guidance to the users that will be using the Blueprint to create Wiki content.

Adding Variables to a page lets users fill in fields that are then used to create the content of a page. Each time you add a variable to your Blueprint, it will add a new text box for the user to fill in. You can re-use variables if you want to populate multiple areas on a page with the same information.

Click "Save" to make your changes to the Blueprint. Any changes that you make to the Blueprint will only be applied to your space.

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