An attachment can be uploaded and attached to a page or blog post in your space. Attachments can be .PDF files, Word documents, Excel files, or other multimedia files. The size limit per attachment is 70MB.

Once you add at least one attachment to a page, you can then decide if you want to do things like embed the attachment on the page, show it on a listing of all attachments on the page, or even show it to a list of all attachments in your space.  

No matter what you decide to do with an attachment, the first step is adding it to your space. 

Adding and Removing Attachments

Attachments can be added to your Wiki page in several different ways. If you're going to attach a file, you need to first verify that you the correct permissions to attach a file to the page. 

If your permissions are set to allow you to add attachments to a page, start by clicking the "Tools" dropdown in the page view. After you click the option for "Attachments," you'll be taken to a page where you can upload attachments either by clicking the "Choose File" button or by dragging and dropping files directly in the outlined box. You can drag multiple files, but you can't drag a whole folder.

Once an attachment has been added to a page, it will show up under the page title and it will show up in the "Tools" drop down. Both of these options will take you to a screen where you can remove the attachments and add additional attachments. 


Displaying Attachments

Once a file has been attached to the page, you can decide how you want it to show up - embedded in the page, as a link, or on a list with other attachments on the page or even on a list with all other attachments in the space. Even if you don't decide to do any of these options, the attachment will still show up when you click on the "Attachments" option under the "Tools" drop down or if you click the paperclip under the Wiki page's title.

Embedding an attachment

You can embed .PDFs, images, and multimedia files directly into your page. When you embed an attachment, it will show up directly in the page content. You'll be able to do things like set height and width and add other effects to help your attachment stand out.

  • Images can be embedded on the page by clicking "Insert" in the editor and then selecting from the list of attachments. If you haven't already uploaded an image, you can also upload from this screen. Once the image has been added to the page, you can set the size and add effects.
  • .PDF files can be embedded on the page by adding the PDF viewer macro and then selecting the appropriate .PDF attachment. Start by typing "{PDF" (without quotes) to add the macro to your page. After the macro appears in line with your content, click on the macro and click "Edit" to pick the .PDF file that you want embedded on the page.
  • To embed an multimedia file (most video formats), type "{multimedia" (without quotes) to add the multimedia macro to your page. After the macro appears in line with your content, click on the macro and click "Edit" to pick the multimedia file that you want embedded on the page.


Linking to an Attachment

To add a link to an attachment, start by clicking the "Link" button in the editor. Next, click on the "Attachments" link in the left side menu.

You'll be able to select from attachments on the page and then set the text for the link. If you don't customize the text for the link, the file name of the attachment will display.

Listing Attachments

If you have several attachments on a page or in a space, it may be helpful to have a list that automatically updates when an attachment is added or removed.

To show all the attachments on a page, simply type "{attachments" (without quotes) to add the attachments macro to your page. This will not only provide a list of the attachments, but it will also provide links to download all of the attachments at once and an area to upload additional attachments. 

To show all the attachments in a space (across all pages), go to a page and type "{space attachments" (without quotes) to add the Space Attachments macro to your page. This will provide a comprehensive, multi-page list of all of the attachments in your space. If you add or remove an attachment on any page in the space, the change will be reflected here.

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