Space Keys

A space key is a short name for a space that is used to uniquely identify it in all URLs that reference its content. For example, the "Harvard WIki Help Documentation" space uses "HELP" as a space key. You can see this in the URL here:

Space keys must be carefully selected because, unlike space names, space key names cannot be altered. Space keys:

Space Key Prefixes

When you are creating a new space for your school or for your department, you should use a prefix that allows your space to be easily identified. This is especially important at Harvard, where each school or department may have similarly-named groups.

Some suggested prefixes are:

  • Harvard University: hu

  • Harvard University Information Technology: huit
  • Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences: fas
  • Harvard Libraries: lib
  • Harvard Art Museums: ham
  • Harvard Athletics: ha
  • Harvard College/GSAS: colgsas
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education: hgse
  • Harvard Graduate School of Design: hgsd
  • Harvard School of Public Health: hsph 
  • Harvard Law School: hls
  • Harvard Medical School: hms
  • Harvard Dental School of Medicine: hdsm
  • Harvard Divinity School: hds
  • Harvard Kennedy School of Government: hks
  • Harvard University Extension School: ext
  • Harvard Summer School: sum
  • Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement: hilr
  • Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study: rias

Sample Space Keys

Graduate School of Design Library Reference: gsdlibraryreference
FAS Senior Advisors: fassradvisors
Harvard University HR Directors: huhrdirectors
Harvard University Information Technology Summit 2012: huitsummit12
Harvard Medical School Seminars Fall 2011: hmsseminarsf11
Graduate School of Education Technology in Education Program: gsetieprogram
Harvard Libraries Cataloging Resources: libcatguides