Terms of Use

Harvard requires users to agree to the University's Terms of Use whenever accessing a space in which the user has administration access. These terms will be displayed in a pop-up box the first time you visit a Wiki where you are an administrator. You can also check out the full text of the Terms of Use.

  • If you agree, the Terms of Use prompt will not be displayed on future visits to the space unless the terms change.
  • If you decline, You are redirected to the Harvard Wikis Dashboard and cannot access the wiki space for the remainder of the wiki session. As long as you have admin rights to the space, you will be prompted with the Terms of Use every time you log in and access the wiki until you agree. If you do not wish to participate in the wiki space in any capacity, no further action is required. If you wish to access the wiki space as a non space admin, contact another wiki space administrator and ask them to revoke your admin rights while retaining your other permissions.
After you agree to the terms, you will be automatically navigated to the correct page.