Several new macros are now available in the Harvard Wikis.

  • The plugin allows Wiki users to create mind maps, flowcharts, organizational charts, and other diagrams. You can choose to add a diagram to an existing page by adding the macro or you can add a blank page with a diagram by clicking on the “Create” button at the top of the screen.

  • The Survey and Vote macros allow users to rate and vote on content.

  • The Disable Commenting macro prevents comments from being added to a page.

  • The Numbered Headings macro provides an outline format for your content.

Plugins sometimes modify core functionality of the Harvard Wikis, but more often, a plugin makes a macro available. All of the macros available in the Harvard Wikis are listed in the table below.

Macro NameDescriptionMore Information
Add-ReplacementAdd a replacement for use in the current requests menulinksDocumentation
AlignWraps content in a div tag and sets the alignment mode as specifiedDocumentation


Allows you to link to a specific point in a pageDocumentation
AttachmentsCreates a list of attachments belonging to the pageDocumentation
Background ColorSets the background color for a block of content. Color names or hex values can be used.Documentation
Blog-calendarDisplays the blogpost calendarDocumentation
Blog PostsViews, summarizes, or lists the most recent blog posts in the spaceDocumentation
Blog RollDisplays a list of spaces that contain blog-postsDocumentation
Blog-listCreates a list of blogpostsDocumentation 
Blog-rssCreates an rss of blogpostsDocumentation 
Blog-rss-feedInjects an rss feed of blogposts into the builder headerDocumentation 
BookmarkMacro to create a bookmark on a bookmark pageDocumentation
BookmarksDisplays bookmarks based on the given parametersDocumentation
Builder-spacetitleUsed for displaying the space titleDocumentation 
CenterCenters a block of content or text on a page or within a panel, etc.Documentation
Change HistoryShows the history of the version comments for the current pageDocumentation
ChartDisplay a chart based on data in a tableDocumentation
CheeseUsed for testing macro functionality.Documentation
Children DisplayLists all the children of a page (and any children of those pages)Documentation
ClickableMakes the contained content clickableDocumentation
Code BlockMacro to format blocks of source-code or XMLDocumentation
ColgroupInserts a colgroup tagDocumentation
ColumnAllows content to be displayed in a column on the page (must be used within a Section macro)Documentation
Compound-menuitemAdds a compound-menuitemDocumentation 
Content by Label

Lists pages tagged with one or more specific labels

Content by UserLists pages created by a particular userDocumentation
Content Report TableUses labels to create a table of related pagesDocumentation
ContributorsDisplays a list of users who have added content to the space, its child pages, and the watchers of the pageDocumentation
Contributors SummaryDisplays a summary of contributors to the page in tabular formDocumentation
CopyrightInserts a copyright symbolDocumentation
Create From TemplateEmbed a button in your content which enables users to create content from any pre-defined templateDocumentation
Create Page MacroCreates pages named at runtimeDocumentation
CSS StylesheetInsert a CSS stylesheet into your wiki page or blog post 
Diagram.lyCreate mind maps, flowcharts, organizational charts, and other diagramsDocumentation
Disable CommentingThis custom macro prevents comments from being added on any page where it is added 
Display FootnotesDisplays the footnotes on a page created through the Footnotes macroDocumentation
DivWraps content in a div tagDocumentation
EditmenuUsed for injecting the edit menu into the menuDocumentation 
ExcerptMarks part of the page's content for use by the Excerpt Include macroDocumentation
Excerpt IncludeIncludes the Excerpt from one page within another pageDocumentation
ExpandEmbeds an expandable text box on your pageDocumentation
External LinkCreates an external link that will open in a new browser window or tab 
Fancy BulletsStyle the bullets of any list in the macro bodyDocumentation
Favourite PagesLists the pages in your favourites listDocumentation
FootnoteDefines footnotes in your Wiki contentDocumentation
GalleryCreate a thumbnail gallery from a page's attachmentsDocumentation
Google CalendarDisplays a calendar with events for one or more Google CalendarsDocumentation
Google MapsEmbeds Google Maps in a Confluence contentDocumentation
HideUsed for showing/hiding content based on the context at the theme levelDocumentation
HighlightBackground color for a section of content such as a single word in a paragraph, etc. Color names or hex values can be usedDocumentation
HTMLAllows the use of HTML code within a Confluence pageDocumentation
HTMLCreates an HTML image (img) tagDocumentation
HTML IncludeAllows the inclusion of an external HTML file in a Confluence pageDocumentation
HTML CommentWraps content in an HTML commentDocumentation
HTML TableInserts an HTML tableDocumentation
iframeDisplay a web page within a wiki pageDocumentation
Include-blogIncludes the content of a blog-postDocumentation
Include PageInclude the full content of one page within another pageDocumentation
InfoHighlights content with an informational note and puts it on a blue backgroundDocumentation
Labels ListLists all labels of a space, grouped alphabeticallyDocumentation
LaTeX BlockPlaces LaTeX code in a block on the pageDocumentation
LaTeX InlinePlaces LaTeX code in line with other textDocumentation
List Item (li)Creates an HTML list item (li) tagDocumentation
LivesearchEmbeds a search box within your pageDocumentation
LoremipsumInserts paragraphs of space filler textDocumentation
LozengeInserts a graphical lozenge panel, ideal for creating buttons, etcDocumentation
MenuUsed for building a drop-down menuDocumentation
MenubarInserts a menu-bar into the documentDocumentation
MenuiconUInsets an icon into the menu, respectig the show icons settingDocumentation
MenuseparatorInserts a separator between menu itemsDocumentation
Menu LinkChecks user permissions and generates links to elements of confluence functionalityDocumentation
Move ToMoves the html generate by the markup it contains into a target div somewhere else on the pageDocumentation
MultimediaAllows the insertion of .swf, .mov, .mp3, and other media filesDocumentation
Navigation MapCreates and displays a map of pages associated with a specific labelDocumentation
NetworkDisplays the network of a userDocumentation
Next and Previous LinksGenerates 'next' and 'previous' buttons for guided navigation through a series of related pages. Works only on pages other than the space home page. 
No FormatCreates a block of text where no other wiki formatting is appliedDocumentation
NoteHighlights content as a note and puts it on a yellow backgroundDocumentation
Numbered HeadingsProvides automatic numbering to your content in an outline formatDocumentation
Office PowerpointAllows the insertion and display of an interactive Powerpoint presentation on the pageDocumentation
Ordered List (ol)Creatyes an HTML ordered list (ol) tagDocumentation
Page IndexCreates an index of all pages within a siteDocumentation
Page InformationDisplays key information about the page, such as creation and modified date, participants, versions, and labelsDocumentation
Page PropertiesDefine properties for a page which can be reported on the Page Properties Report macroDocumentation
Page Properties ReportReports on the properties defined by the Page Properties macroDocumentation
Page TreeDisplays a dynamic, hierarchical list of pages starting from a specified pageDocumentation
Page Tree SearchProvides a search box that searches a hierarchy of pages (Page Tree) from a specified root pageDocumentation
Page Tree2Creates a dynamic page treeDocumentation
PanelDraw a panel with an optional title and borderDocumentation
PDFInserts a .pdf document into the page as an interactive presentationDocumentation
Popular LabelsGenerates a list of the most popular labelsDocumentation
PreWraps content in a div tag with optional class names and styles for the tagDocumentation
Privacy MarkDisplays a privacy indicator with optional tooltip. When clicked, the page will be focused on a privacy-policy macro if presentDocumentation
Privacy PolicyDisplays a privacy statement specific to a page. By default it will link to your full privacy policy on a page called "Privacy Policy"Documentation
Profile PictureDisplays a users profile pictureDocumentation


Inserts a registered trademark symbolDocumentation
Recently UpdatedLists the most recently changed content in the Harvard WikisDocumentation
Recently Updated DashboardDisplays recent updates with filtering options. Used on the dashboard.Documentation
Recently Used LabelsLists the most recently used labels in a predefined scope of spacesDocumentation
Related LabelsLists labels used on other pages that have labels in common with the current page.Documentation
RolloverInjects a javascript CSS rollover effect into the outermost tag of the content contained by the rollover tagDocumentation
Round RectangleInserts a graphical round rectangle, ideal fro creating content areas, buttons etcDocumentation
RSS FeedEmbeds an RSS feed on a page and displays the contents of external or internal Wiki feedsDocumentation
Search BoxDisplay a privacy indicator with optional tooltip. When clicked, the page will be focused on a privacy-policy macro if presentDocumentation
Search ResultsDisplays the search results of a saved search on your pageDocumentation
SectionDefines a section of a page, which can then contain one or more Column macrosDocumentation
Service MarkInserts a service mark symbolDocumentation
ShowUsed for showing/hiding content based on the context at the theme levelDocumentation
Space AttachmentsDisplays a list of attachments in a spaceDocumentation
Space BookmarksA macro that generates the links in the information panel in the .bookmarks pageDocumentation
Space DetailsDisplays a label containing information about the current spaceDocumentation
Space JumpThis macro allows for creating links to jump to a page with the same name as the current one in a different spaceDocumentation
Spaces ListDisplays a list of spaces on the WikiDocumentation
SpanWraps content in a span tag with optional class name and styles for the tagDocumentation
StatusCommunicate the status of a project, task or milestone with a visual indicators.Documentation
StrikeAdd marker-like highlighting to your contentDocumentation
SurveyAdd a survey to a Wiki PageDocumentation
Table of Content ZoneCreates a Table of Contents for headings within the body of the macroDocumentation
Table of ContentsCreates a table of contents for the current page based on the headings used on the pageDocumentation
Table RowCreates an HTML table row (tr) tagDocumentation
Table Body (tbody)Creates an HTML table body (tbody) tagDocumentation
Table Cell (td)Creates an HTML table cell (td) tagDocumentation
Table FilterMacro creates a filter for table dataDocumentation
Table Head (th)Creates an HTML table heading (th) tagDocumentation
TasklistDisplays a modifiable and interactive task listDocumentation
TipHighlights content as a helpful tip with a green backgroundDocumentation
TrademarkInserts a trademark symbolDocumentation
Unordered List (ul)Creates an HTML unordered list (ul) tagDocumentation
User ProfileDisplays a user's profile detailsDocumentation
User Status ListDisplays a list of statuses for a userDocumentation
use-layoutSets the layout ld used for the current pageDocumentation
Version HistoryTabular display of page versions showing date, author and update commentDocumentation
viewmenuUsed for injecting the view menu into the menuDocumentation
VoteAdd a ballot to your Wiki pageDocumentation
WarningHighlights content as a warning note with a red backgroundDocumentation
wbui-listCreates a list of all webui locations/keys installedDocumentation
Widget ConnectorEmbed YouTube videos, Flickr slideshows, Google Docs, and other content from the web. There is a currently known issue in regards to embedding Google Docs.Documentation
WikimenuThis macro is used to embed wiki notations menus and the output from other macros (such as the {children} macro) into a menuDocumentation