Space Administration

You can now archive spaces - which will cause the space to be hidden from search results and will not show any updates on the dashboard. The space can still be access and updated, but the edits will only be viewable if someone enters the URL for space content or uses a link to the content of the space.

The Space Administration screens are available via the "Browse" drop-down at the top of your wiki pages. You can make changes in a few different categories: Space Operations, Security, and Look and Feel. Each of the options below can be found on the left menu.

Space Operations

  • Space Details: Change the space name, description, and choose the home page that users will land on when they visit your space. You can also archive your space using the dropdown on this screen.
  • Templates: Create pre-defined templates that can be used to create a page with pre-populated fields.
  • Remove Space: Permanently remove your space, including pages, comments, attachments, and blog posts.
  • Trash: Restore deleted pages and blog posts, or purge pages and blog posts on an individual or group basis.  


  • Permissions: Manage the groups and individual users that have access to your space. For more information, go back to Permissions.
  • Restricted Pages: You can set unique permissions for specific pages by only allowing certain users or groups to access.

Look and Feel

  • Themes: You can customize your Wiki space by applying a different theme. See the section below for more information.
  • Colour Scheme: You can further customize your space by updating the colours that are shown.
  • PDF Layout: Use a simple editor to customize the title page, headers and footers of the space's exported PDF
  • PDF Stylesheet: Edit CSS to customize the title page, headers and footers of the space's exported PDF
  • Change Space Logo: Change the logo that's displayed in the top left of your space.


Themes are plugins that modify the appearance of your space. There are several themes available in the Harvard Wikis. The Veritas and Story St. themes are Harvard-branded.

  • Veritas: The iCommons Veritas theme provides a Harvard-branded alternative to the Confluence Documentation theme. It incorporates texture and drop shadows to give pages depth and a contemporary look and feel. Unlike the Documentation theme, the Veritas theme includes a link to the home page in the left navigation, and displays the left navigation correctly in Safari for the Apple iPad. 

  • Story St: The iCommons Story Street theme provides an alternative to the Confluence Documentation theme. Similar to the Veritas theme, the Story Street theme includes a left navigation pane which displays correctly in Safari on Apple iOS-based devices. 

  • Documentation: This theme is well suited for structured content, such as documentation. It features a table of contents (page tree) on the left, making it easier to see the structure of a space and move from page to page. You can customise the left-hand panel, page header and page footer. This theme does not have Harvard branding by default. It is the most customizable theme.

  • Global Look and Feel: This theme is based on the settings of the entire Confluence installation. If you have used Confluence at another organization, most of the spaces likely used this theme. You can customise colour-schemes and layouts manually. There is no Harvard branding on this theme by default.

  • Harvard Community: This is a specialty theme optimized for use in public-facing spaces. Users who have not logged in will not see the normal array of wiki menu items, and instead will see a clean two-panel interface with a menu of pages in the left and current page content in the right.