Versioning and Drafts

The Harvard Wikis automatically save drafts at regular intervals while you are editing a page or a blog post. If something happens while you are working, you can come back later and pick up where you left off. Only one draft for a page of blog post can exist at any one time.

You can see the last time a draft was saved in the bottom right of the screen, below the "Save" button. Drafts are saved automatically every 30 seconds. You can see the last time a draft was saved in the bottom right of the edit screen.

If a draft has been saved and you start editing a page or blog post later, you will be given the option at the top of the page to keep working on your saved work. You can also see the changes being made or you can discard the edits and begin a new set of changes. 

  • View the change: displays the difference between your current edits and the other version of the page or blog post
  • Resume editing: takes you to the other version of the page or blog post
  • Discard it: discards the old version of the page or blog post 

You can also see the drafts that you are working on by clicking on the "Drafts" link in the dropdown in the top right of the page. From the Drafts page, you can resume editing any of your current drafts or you can choose to discard any of the current drafts.

View Changes

You can view the history of every change to a page and compare previous versions side by side with each other. This is particularly useful in a Wiki as in some cases there are many different users working on your Wiki space. To view the changes for a page, click "Page History" under the "Tools" drop down menu on a page.

On the "Page History" page, you can view each version of the page. To compare two versions, select the pages to be compared and the click the "Compare Selected Versions" button. If you'd like to revert to preview version, you can click on the  "Restore this version" link.

Any user that has "view" permission for a page can view the versions of page.




When you are comparing two versions, you will be shown what content has been removed, added, and what content has changed its format between the two versions. You will also see the time of the change(s) and the user who made the change(s).

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