What's a Wiki?

A Wiki is a website that allows users to create, edit, and publish content collaboratively through a web browser. 

Individual wikis are referred to as "Spaces." Each space can have one or more administrators, and access can be given to individuals, groups, all of Harvard, or the entire world. Within each space, pages serve as the primary way of creating and sharing information. Each page has its own URL, page history, access restrictions, file attachments, and comments. Pages can include text and multimedia files, comments, macros, and links to external as well as other wiki space pages. All of this can be created and edited collaboratively. 

Wikis at Harvard

Since the release of the Harvard Wikis to the Harvard Community in September 2011, hundreds of users have created spaces and found ways to integrate Wikis into their teaching and research. Faculty members, librarians, and students are just some of the users who have adopted Harvard Wikis to create, collaborate, and share information across their organizations. The wiki service provided by HUIT Academic Technology is called Confluence.

There are a few help resources available from Atlassian, the vendor of Confluence: