Known Issues

The Wiki team at Harvard works to prioritize and resolve issues reported by the Harvard Community. The table below lists known Wiki issues that are Harvard-specific. 

If you encounter an issue that's not listed here, please let us know in the comments or contact the help desk at!



You cannot remove the image associated with your profile and have it default to the system default image.If you wish to remove the image associated with your profile, the only way to do so is to upload another image.
No resolution at this time. Addressed here:
When a non-logged in user clicks on a link to an attachment, the user will be automatically logged in as expected, but may be redirected to the dashboard after login (rather than, as might be expected, to the attachment).Known behavior. The application expects that any login request will contain within it reference to a page or blog post. Since neither of these apply in the case of attachments, the application defaults to the dashboard view. Clicking the link again will take you to the attachment.
SSL connections from Firefox 37 are failing.This is an issue with several tools (Wiki, iSites, blog service). HUIT operations is working to fix. FIXED 5-8-2015
Links to PIN-protected Wiki Spaces from Word documents are not working.

No resolution at this time.

Bookmarks added with the bookmark macro show up with an incorrect date (the date of space creation)No resolution at this time.
When "Managing Watchers" at the page level, an error will be displayed when a watcher is added or removed. The watcher will still be added or removed as expected.RESOLVED
Large files cannot be uploaded through the Link > Attachment dialog box or the Insert > Attachment dialog box in the Confluence editor.

The Link > Attachment dialog box and the Insert > Attachment dialog boxes use a different uploader than the uploader on Tools > Attachments page. This is a known issue that has been logged by the vendor here.

As a workaround, use the Tools > Attachments page to upload large files.

Google Docs are not displaying in the Widget Connector.Reported RESOLVED, with lingering issues reported. This is a known issue that has been logged by the vendor here.
Some videos are not displaying in the Widget Connector

The Widget Connector macro has difficulty embedding unsecured content to a secured instance of Confluence.

Change the url of the embedded content to https:// instead of http://

If you would like to embed a Vimeo video, you cannot use the Widget Connector. Instead, paste the embed code from Vimeo into the HTML macro.

Using the "Create Page Macro" on a page that has a restricted character (such as a colon) in the title will display an error. This is usually seen when the %parenttitle% variable is used as the prefix for the new page title.

No resolution at this time. A workaround is to remove the restricted character from the page title.
If a non-signed in user clicks a link for a restricted page that exists on a space that allows anonymous view access, the user will be navigated to the dashboard after signing in instead of the linked page.This is a known issue that has been logged by the vendor here.