1. Using your favorite browser, login to your g.harvard.edu account  → Make sure you are NOT logged in with your personal gmail account.
  2. Navigate to Google Drive
  3. Click on the settings gear and navigate to "Get Drive File Stream for Mac/Windows" 
  4. Scroll down on the new page to download the google client for your platform
  5. Download the correct version depending on your OS and double click on the new file to install, follow the instructions on-screen
    1. You may be required to adjust the security settings on your computer to allow google file stream to work properly, make sure to follow those instructions (specially if you are on a mac)
  6. A new icon will show up on your icon tray or the top of finder. By default your drive will show up there, if you have access to any google team, it will also show up there
  7. By default all files will be available while online, but you can choose to have files offline by right clicking on each file/folder, going to the Drive File Stream menu and selecting "Available Offline"