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In this wiki page, you will find instructions to run several climate models, and you will also find notes of our computer cluster at Harvard. In addition, we have organized Climate Modeling Workshops from time to time. You may also browse through all the pages using page tree below and on the left.

All model source codes are stored at our internal repository: /n/holylfs/INTERNAL_REPOS/CLIMATE_MODELS

Developer team: Packard Chan, Archana Dayalu, Nathanael Wong, Xiaoting Yang, Duo Chan, David Wei, Minmin Fu, Yang Tian, Wanying Kang, Ding Ma, Ned Kleiner, Giuseppe Torri, Lee Miller, Sarah Weidman
Developer team (automated list):

Correspondence: Lei Wang. If you have any suggestion or question, please feel free to contact me at leiwang@fas.harvard.edu

Contribution guidelines

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  1. HarvardKey is required to contribute.
  2. All pages are readable by the public.
  3. Your name and edits can be seen in page history for the page you edit.
  4. You are encouraged to put your name in Developer team in this homepage. The automated list is closed to public.
  5. If you share files on cluster, please make sure that others have access to the files (please review the following).
    1. Learn Unix permissions.
    2. For directories, both r and x permissions are needed.
    3. In most cases, you don't want to provide w permission.
    4. Quite a few disks are at most "group readable".
    5. Default for new cluster users is that home directory is not readable by group or others.
    6. We assume all readers already have, or can acquire, huce file access.
    7. (Suggested place to share files: internal repo, home dir?)
  6. 90% of the targeted readers have access to huce partitions, but the rest may not be able to freely acquire such access.
  7. Styleguides
    1. I like the style I am using in CESM / CAM / SPCAM.
    2. Headings 1-6
    3. Table of Contents
    4. Anchors/link
    5. gist-it (Example)
    6. Write date in (m/d/yyyy) for time-dependent information.
    7. shields.io (Example)
  8. If you don't want to receive emails, unwatch the space and page. If you don't want watchers to receive emails, uncheck the box of "Notify watchers".
  9. Ready to go? Log in with your HarvardKey. See if there is an "Edit" button to the left of "Save for later". If not, vote below (testing) and send an email to the admins of this wiki space. List of admins can be found in Space tools > Overview. Otherwise, you can provide all your Harvard emails (e.g., jharvard@g.harvard.edu, jharvard@seas.harvard.edu, joh123@g.harvard.edu...) to the admins of this wiki space.
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"If a craftsman wants to do good work, he must first sharpen the tools." - The Analects

Our help space and the Confluence User Guide are good spots for initial questions.