Storeroom Management

Know Which Machines To Image

Empty Recycling Hamper

Daily Shutdown 

Return any machine back to the cage if it is not being wiped or imaged

Lock the cage

Take trash to dumpster

Put the two wheelers back in the room

Turn off the lights in the back (2)

Turn off the AC

The key ring is put back in the top desk drawer

Turn off main lights and Close the door

Weekly Cleanup

Hammer is turned off

Your machine is turned off

Working tables are cleared and wiped down and cables are organized



Inventory FAS Refresh Peripherals

On Thursdays take a weekly inventory and update the Peripheral tab of{9445B753-2F79-4D89-9040-1B29C0921FE3}&file=Computer%20Inventory%20%28FAS%29.xlsx&action=default&DefaultItemOpen=1

Record how many of each:

Apple Equipment

  - Mice at Warehouse


  - Keyboard at Warehouse
USB Ethernet Adapters
USB-C Ethernet Adapters
USB-C VGA Multiport
Ethernet Adapters
DVI Adapters
VGA Adapters
PC Equipment


Laptop Keyboard
Desktop Keyboard
  - Keyboard at Warehouse
  - Docks at Warehouse
  - Monitors at Warehouse


Ethernet Cables

7 ft



Cage Inventory (Weekly)

Throughout the day, techs place machines in the cage under the "Checking In" section

LanDesk Management Console

In order to look up Machine names and activity



If CA you need to create a name using DNA (need access to and be connected to vpn to use)

Windows CA Machine

Note: This is a standard CA image. For some departments you will need a different CA image. Ask your supervisor.

Note: If the machine is finished and you have to login as an Administrator then you will have to re-image.

After the machine finished imaging:


Windows FAS machine

After the machine finished imaging:


Apple FAS & CA Machine

After the machine finished imaging:

(Could be ending with Q1, Q2. Q3, or Q4 depending on what is on the Computer box[CDA5] [MKM6] !)

No Drive for Macs

If Mac fails to image then there is often no drive being found in the machine.

Creating A Loaner

Apple Machine 

Windows Machine

Note: Copy exe file to desktop and run




Old Equipment

All computers that are up for disposal – both purchase and leased- should have an Old Equipment label. If it does not then make sure one gets attached and ask what info should be on it.

Sometimes a machine that is going to be redeployed gets an old equipment label. Please attach a Redeploy sheet and ask

\\\uis-dls\Documentation\Deployments\Old Equipment Sheet.docx


Computers that are to be redeployed are to be reimaged as per the noted date. Follow the instructions and ask if unsure. Make sure that you know what the next step is so it does not just get left in a pile


Using the P-Touch

All Leased machines are labeled with the name of the lease (on box label)

Print FYxxQx Stickers

Print the FYxxQx stickers for the next quarter ahead of time

Use the template at \\\uis-dls\Documentation\Deployments\IDLabelsFY18Q4.doc



Hammer (Desktops Windows)

Note: This only works with HD's. If Desktop has a SSD, follow the "Target Mode" instructions. 

-          First test if machine has “DDPE”

-          Plug in all the drives first before you start

-          Turn on hammer (Button at the back)

-          Wait for the screen to say “Start”

-          Press the right key twice

-          Wait until orange light is solid (Finished)

-          Place drive back in machine

-          Test if wiped, should say “no bootable device found”

-          Write “Wiped” on the label

-          Put box on shelf with rest of wiped machines

Target Mode (Laptops Windows)

Note: This only works with SSD's. If Laptop has a HD, follow the "Hammer" instructions. 

-          First test if machine has “DDPE”

-          Setup Wiping Macbook Machine

-          Open up  10.12.15 AutoCasperNBI

-          Take out SSD form laptop

-          Put SSD in USB holder labeled “WIPE SSD WIN”

-          Open “Disk Utility” on iMac

-          Click on the drive

-          Click “Erase"

Note: Use "ExFat" and "GUID" to erase

Note: If GUID does not work try "Masterboot Records"

-          Done wiping

-          Place SSD back in machine

-          Test if wiped, should say “invalid partition” or "no bootable device found"

-          Write “Wiped” on the label on the box

-          Put box on shelf with rest of wiped machines

Mac Wiping

-          Make sure machine is charging and connected to internet (cable)

-          Turn on Machine & hold ALT

-          Click “10.12.5 AutoCasper...”

-          Don’t login to Casper

-          Click: Apple logo (Left top) -> About This Mac -> System Report -> SATA/SATA Express -> Take Screenshot -> Put Screenshot on USB labeled “DDP”

-          Go back to Desktop

-          Click: Go -> Utilities -> Disk Utilities

-          Click: Mac’s Drive -> Erase

Note: Use "Journalled" and "GUID" to erase

-          Restart machine and test if wiped (Folder icon shows up)

-          Write “Wiped” on the label

-          Put box on shelf with rest of wiped machines


Remove DDPE Encryption

DDPE Machine:

-          Sign into LANDESK Management Console

-          All devices

-          Find _________ (enter serial number)

-          Record name down

Your Machine:

-          Go to

-          Login with your credentials

-          Click “Create New”

List the Following:

              Customer                         “Your Name”

              Service                              Field Support Services > Desktop Management > Encryption

              Application                       DDPE

              Category                           Request

              Short Description            Please Remove DDPE & Send .dat File

              Description                      “Computer name”
                                                          Please Remove DDPE & Send .dat File

              Assignment Group         Field Support – Endpoint Systems

-          Click Save (Top Right)

-          Wait until you receive .dat file (Can take up to 10 min)

-          In order to find the file, go to the “Paperclip” next to “Save”

-          Save file to USB labeled “DDP”

-          Exit your machine


DDPE Machine:

-          Plugin “DDP” USB

-          Start machine, keep pressing F12

-          Click:  “USB Storage Device”

-          Click: Browse -> This PC -> DDP USB -> “Search the .dat file” -> Open

-          Mark: “Unlock Drive And Remove PBA”

-          Click: “OK”

-          After finish write “Exit” in command prompt

-          Turn off computer



If one of the macs that you are wiping so happen to prompt up a ddpe screen, once finished with wiping and restarting to confirm, reinstall OS then wipe immediately after finishing reinstalling. Check if wiped then put on wiped rack.



Getting Pallets

              Call either Rob or Kieran
              - Rob Grogan     617-823-8260

              - Kieran Clyne    617-828-7277

              Tell him to meet up at 135 Western Ave Allston, this is where you pick up the pallets.

About 5 can fit in the van. Bring the pallets to the warehouse[CDA8] .

There should be about 10 spare pallets in the warehouse, when it gets to 5, you should work on getting more.

Drop Off Machines Setup

How To Build a Pallet


-          Desktops flat only 6 high due to weight

-          Deskops are evenly spread out across the bottom, not in 1 corner due to weight

-          Only 1 Laptop can go on top of the 6 desktops

-          iMacs can go 4 high

-          Make sure labels are pointing outwards in case you need to scan them

-          Bring laptop, you need to scan the labels into excel. After return you send the file to Karen



-          There is plastic wrapping material in the warehouse

-          Start from a bottom corner and then go up

-          Only wrap once a pallet is finished


Before You Leave:

-          Make sure the fence is locked

-          The garage door is closed


Van Deliveries

Using the Van


Morning Deliveries

Van Delivery Locations



45 Francis Ave, room B46 put in cage (Last room on right as you enter), leave in cage

Building Access: ID Card, Room and Cage have keys on the ring

Parking: Has parking lot


6 Story:

6 Story St, 1st  floor

Go through 8 Story, take a left at the end of the hallway, enter through the door at the end and take another left. First door to your left, unlock, drop off to the right of the room.

Building Access: ID Card

Parking: Street

Tech contact at 6 Story: Sam Murray: 617-631-5601


124 MTA:

124 Mount Auburn, two locations:

HHR drop off equipment in closet room 3319- 3rd Floor Building Access: HHR need key to closet

AAD Swipe Card enter 3rd floor -  Diane Collins Office area or Call tech

Building Access: ID Card

Parking: Park on street or at garage down University Rd

Tech contact at 124 MTA: Bill Pearlman: 617-780-9030


114 MTA:

114 Mount Auburn, Room 554 (HPAC)

Building Access: Need swipe access to 5th  Floor, first cubicle in sight

Parking: Loading dock out front or 124 Mount Auburn

Tech contact at 114 MTA: Donna Sweeney: 617-999-9028



10 Garden St, first building on the left.

Building Access: ID Swipe and Key to Tech Room basement room 009-010 (Will have to go through two doors) to drop off equipment.

Parking: Loading zone on street

Tech contact at Radcliffe: Evan Pimental: 617-447-3265


65 R:

65 Mount Auburn, basement unless labeled 2nd floor

Building Access: ID card

Parking: The road splits, park in the area between those two streets. It says “no parking” but you can



46 Blackstone St, 4th floor tech area to the left of the elevator

Building Access: ID Card before 8:30a.m.

Parking: Behind the building

Tech contact at 46 Blackstone: Larry Bagley: 617.999.3452




90 Seattle St, turn before 1 Western Ave

Parking: Use 3rd garage door


Bauer Lab:

7 Divinity Ave, basement unless ticket says elsewhere

Parking: On the street


Maxwell Dworkin:

33 Oxford st.

Park on sidewalk in front of back entrance.

2nd floor behind elevators (IT office- Room 109)

Person who grants it - Ortega, Jason R


1414 Mass Ave:

1414 Mass Ave, 3rd floor[CDA4] 

Parking: 6 Church St, loading area


20 University:

20 University Rd, 3rd floor

Parking: Park at the garage of 124 Mount Auburn


Harvard University Press:

79 Garden St, Basement level, leave on tech's desk

Building access: ID Card:

Parking: Parking lot


Science Center:

1 Oxford St, multiple floors, depends on ticket

Parking: Loading zone or on the street



1737 Cambridge St, Basement follow signs for CGIS helpdesk

Parking: 50 Quincy St

Note: There may be other locations will say on ticket or in email

Junior's Automotive & Gas:

1725 Massachusetts Ave, someone working there will fill up the gas in the van

Note: Give him the credit card inside the van and tell the worker 9395. After, tell the worker will ask what the millage on the van is, just read it to him.


Important Links and websites

Harvard Inventory:

Login: …

Harvard Agenda:

Login: …

Harvard Service Now:

Login: …

Harvard Create Names:
Login: Need to be connected to VPN (Cisco)

Harvard PeopleSoft:

Login: …

Harvard Email:

Use application “Outlook 2013”

Login: …


Login: Your “A” account (Ex: tor103-a)

CA Inventory:{8eba622d-3cc3-4dbb-a37d-bd72544af5a6}&action=edit&activeCell=%27Sheet1%27!C1315
Login: …



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