POI Requests

Occasionally vendors or outside consultants will need access to Harvard's E-Resources. Due to two-factor authentication, people currently not affiliated with Harvard will need to have a unique accounts created. Referred to as POIs (Persons of Interest), you will need to fill out a POI form and submit the request to LTS Support. LTS Support will request to POI record and add to the AMA bypass file.

The POI form can be found here.

For the POI form you will need:

You, or someone from your department, will need to sign the form as the authorizer before it is passed onto LTS Support. 

Once the form is submitted to LTS Support, they will review the form and work with IAM to ensure that the person is added to the AMA bypass file and given a Harvard ID. 

LTS Support will email the Harvard ID to the Harvard conact with instructions on how the POI can claim their Harvard Key. Those instructions can then be passed onto the POI. 

Claiming your Harvard Key

A POI can claim their HarvardKey here

Make sure the "New to Harvard" tab is selected and click "continue." The POI will be lead through a series of instructions for setting up a password that will culminate in an email to their personal email address confirming that they have claimed their HarvardKey. 

Further Information

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