Access to the EASi web interface requires a VPN connection to the secure DRS tunnel and an authorized HUID/PIN. If you need to arrange access to EASi, please see Request an EAS Account.

VPN note: Using the secure VPN tunnel to access EAS services is required, even from an on-campus wired computer.  EASi and EAS dropboxes are the only applications accessible from this tunnel. Be sure to disconnect from the secure DRS tunnel when your EAS session is done, otherwise you may have problems accessing other web-based applications.  

To access EASi:

  1. Open your VPN client and log into your secure DRS VPN account. The login name should be your HarvardKey login name and tunnel (e.g., and your HarvardKey password. 
  2. Point a web browser at the EASi address:
  3. Log in with your HarvardKey credentials. 

Browser support: EASi works well in Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.  Internet Explorer is not a supported browser.