Ways in which IDS is currently used:

1. Links within a discovery service open in a new tab/window with full IDS interface [VC, TED, OASIS]

2. Embedded in a discovery service, image displays with full IDS interface but still within context of the discovery UI [VIA]

3. Embedded in a discovery service, image displays without IDS controls [VIA, HOLLIS+]

3a. Embedded with height and width parameters in the URN:

4. Similar or related content delivered through PDS and IDS - e.g. maps that are images, maps that are part of atlases delivered as page-turned objects. Expectations regarding functionality across both systems.

Note: Not sure that HOLLIS+ is using IDS, can someone please confirm? - VZ: Hollis+ is using IDS when it's a Harvard resource from DRS.

Ways in which users would like to use IDS/PDS in the future:


Steps for expanding these:

  1. VZ ask project contacts for cases
  2. Hold focus group (with whom?)
  3. Corinna - HOLLIS+ considerations, requirements