Tools needed: Brush, scrap paper, methyl-cellulose paste, bone folder, Teflon folder, Reemay sheet, Mylar sheet, weight, brick

Ask the End-Processing Supervisor if you encounter the following:

Hardcover books

Paperback books

Items in enclosures

Cases with short tabs

Items with book flaps

PVA glue

De-leaving and sorting

Wrapping (for HD-bound books)

Supplies needed: Tyvek envelopes, barcodes, HD stickers, spine labels, cotton tying tape, scissors.

Positioning the tapeCrossing the tapeTying the knotFinished


Item typeStickers Location
Wrapped books

Barcode / HD sticker, spine label

Top left corner
Prefab casesBarcode / HD sticker, spine labelTop left corner
CMI cases

Barcode / HD sticker

Top left corner
 Spine labelLower "spine" edge
Broadside foldersBroadside labelTop left corner
 BarcodeInside broadside label
BoxesBox label (large or small)One on short side, one on long side
 Barcode / HD stickerOne inside each box label
Books/cases with tabsBarcodeBack of tab