1.  Copiers, Printers, and Scanners

1.1.  Copiers, Printers and Crimson Cash VTS (Value Transfer Stations)

Countway maintains self-service photocopiers in the Russell Reading Room, and on L1 and L2. Photocopiers use Crimson Cash only (http://www.cash.harvard.edu/). Black and white copies cost 10¢ per page and color copies cost 25¢ per page.

Users without a Harvard ID which is able to be loaded with Crimson cash may borrow a copy card at the circulation desk. The user should count the number of copies or prints and let staff know their total when they come to pay.

Copy machines are located at the following locations:

Printers are located on the following floors:

The Crimson Cash Value Transfer Station (VTS) is located in the HSPH Kresge building. Value may also be added using credit cards (Visa/MC) by visiting http://cash.harvard.edu. Crimson Cash assistance can be found at www.cash.harvard.edu or (617) 496-6600.

1.2.  Public Scanning

We also have two overhead scanners located in the medium rare reading behind the Circulation desk and Lower Level 2. The overhead scanners will send documents to a jump drive or email.

There is no charge for scanning.

2.  Photocopier Equipment Problems

2.1.  Repairs

Place a dated "out of service" sign on the machine with your initials and date service was called.  The Ricoh service number is 1-800-637-4264.

2.2.  Poor Quality Copies

If a patron says that he is unhappy with the quality of his copies you may offer the department Crimson Cash card so the patron can copy the original material again, or if time allows, you may want to copy the item on the staff copier.  At this time we cannot refund the cost of copies in cash or by encoding the patron’s card.  Remember to take the offending copies from the patron for review by the copier vendor.