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What is the Course Info Tool?

The Course Info Tool pulls data about a given course from the Registrar's Office and embeds it within a Rich Content Editor box on that course's Canvas site.  The Course Info Tool may already appear on your Canvas site if your school has chosen to have it included in the course template for your school.  

Who can use the tool?

Anyone who has access to use a rich content editor will be able to embed the Course Info Tool. 

Where can I add tool in my Canvas site?

The tool may be embedded in any rich content editor on your Canvas site.  Pages that may include the editor include: Syllabus, Pages, Announcements, Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions. Teaching staff most commonly choose to include the tool in their Syllabus or Home page.

How do I add the tool to my Canvas site?

  1. Navigate to a rich content editor.  
  2. Within the editor, click on the blue "i" icon.

  3. A box will pop up to allow you to select which information you'd like to include.  Click on the checkboxes to select the categories of information you want to appear.  Choices include the school and course code, term, instructors, location, meeting time, exam group, course description, and a notes section that allows you to enter text. If information is available from the Registrar for each field, it will be previewed in this window. 

    You can choose to keep a field selected even if there is currently no information for that field. As Registrar information is updated, the new information will be displayed.

  4. Click on the "Save" button.  The editing pop-up box will close, and you will now see a large gray box, which indicates that the Course Info Tool was successfully embedded in the rich content editor box on the page.  You can save the page as is or add text before, after, or inline with the embedded tool.  
  5. You can also resize the width of the Course Info Tool by clicking on one corner of the gray box and then dragging the box to adjust its size.

  6. Click on the blue "Save" button to save all of the changes you've made and to exit the rich content editor.

How do I remove the tool from my Canvas site?

Go into the rich content editor that contains the tool, then select the gray box that indicates the tool's location and delete it.

If some of the course information changes, does the tool update?

Yes, the tool updates dynamically.  If the registrar alters any information related to the course, the information displayed by the tool will be updated.

How do I change which information the tool includes?

Delete the gray box and add the tool again by clicking on the blue "i" icon. 

What if the information included in the tool is wrong?

The information displayed in the tool is fed from the Registrar's office and is the same information displayed in the course catalog. If information is incorrect, please go through the normal channels as you would when updating course information for the catalog.

Why isn't the selected course information appearing?

If a category of information you selected to include isn't appearing, it means there is no inforamtion being fed from the registrar for that category.  If this is occurring, you will see a message underneath the course info. box stating "Additional Information will be shown if available from the Registrar."  Once the registrar begins feeding the information, it will appear in the tool. Please contact your registrar if you notice any problems with the information they feed to the tool.

What if I need additional help using the tool?

Contact your local school support with any questions, or for assistance migrating materials from iSites.