Shared Shelf Harvard Catalogers

Known issues and recommended best practices


Known issues


Work Record data not populating to Display Record:


All catalogers (except for those with Administrator permission status) will have problems getting data from the Work Record (WR) to propagate to the Display Record (DR).  We discovered the following work around:

  1. In WR, select “Link to DR”
  2. Select “Link & Overwrite” (Note: this automatically closes the WR window)
  3. In DR select “Save”
  4. Select “View/Edit Work Record” link to get back to WR
  5. In WR, select “Edit”
  6. Select “Save” or “Save & Close”
  7. Answer “Yes” to propagate to DR



Spreadsheet Upload Errors:

Last updated March 26, 2015



(This is an artifact from having multiple deliverable image files)






















Errors when editing multiple Display Records at once in SS Edit mode:

Last updated March 26, 2015


Artstor is working to resolve this issue.







Best Practices








The "related works" tab is for relating works to works within Shared Shelf (similar to the old "group to work" relationship in OLIVIA).