Publish your course and using the Course Setup Checklist

You can publish your course using the Course Status box on your Course Home Page sidebar.

As you begin to create your site, you will be in an “Unpublished” state, a Canvas feature that allows you to create Pages, Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, and Modules in a draft state. This draft content is not visible to students and is excluded from grade calculations.

You can also publish your course using the Course Setup Checklist. The Checklist helps you to review and refine your site until you are ready to publish it. The first few times you create a new course in Canvas, it can be a challenge to remember all of the steps required. The Checklist can help you remember to cover all your bases before the course goes live.

For step-by-step instructions on how to publish your course or use the setup checklist, visit:

Publishing and Permissions on Individual Content

Individual assignments, modules, files or other course content can be individually locked (i.e., unpublished and made unavailable to students) or assigned a date in the future, prior to which students will not be able to see or participate in that course component. As you create a new component (e.g. an uploaded file), you can choose to publish it when you are ready by clicking the “Publish” icon for that component, which will turn green with a checkmark.