Beginning with fiscal year 2015, scanning and retention of all collections-related invoices is part of the invoice payment procedures.

At present, we maintain these files in the Houghton groups directory, but eventually we hope to store relevant material in DRS2 in the hopes provenantial information may be made available through Aleph/Alma

Electronic copies provide for ease of access and retention for these documents. 

The Scanning Process (via Adobe)

The Scanning Process (via Photoshop)

Saving files.

The file naming convention:  Aleph vendor code, invoice number, invoice date.  Invoice 25 from Boston Really Rare Books and dated August 15, 2014 would be named BOSTONRRB 25 2014-08-15.

The destinations: one or more files under the correct fiscal year, organized by curatorial unit (eg 37082 HYDE, 37116 MODERN 2).

In Adobe Acrobat Pro:

File -> Save As -> [name the file]

In Photoshop (saves images in proprietary format, but they should be saved as .pdf files).

After saving.

The paper invoice may now be taken to HCL Financial Services for payment.

If HCL Financial Services, a curator, or the Librarian's Office requires a copy, the electronic file may be sent to them.