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As we anticipate our exciting summer programs, I write today with an important announcement about the HSS Health, Safety and Security meeting, scheduled for 
Thursday, April 7, from 8:15-10 am at the Harvard Faculty Club.

I want to underscore the critical importance of this meeting as essential to those who are in charge of a study abroad program. Your presence as the person who has ultimate responsibility for your students abroad is vital, but we also encourage attendance at this event by all those who are administratively affiliated with a Study Abroad program. Please confirm your attendance by email to Matilda West, matilda_west@harvard.edu, no later than April 1.

The focus of this meeting is to review and discuss travel protocols, risks and best practices, as well as precautions to take to minimize exposure to unsafe situations. We welcome questions you may have about the Harvard Travel Registry, and Harvard Travel Assist, and hope this meeting will serve as an important resource for both veteran and new program directors.