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  • In Alma, a job is a scheduled or on-request process that runs in the background
  • They are called jobs or processes in different places in the system, but they refer to the same thing: being able to act on batches of records in bulk
  • This includes the ability to run Import Profiles as well
  • While staff members may see a number of jobs in the Alma menus, they should only run the jobs for which they are approved per the matrix below

Process for getting sign-off to run jobs in production

  1. Staff member reads Jobs & Batch Processes Overview and Required Readings, followed by the job specific documentation for the job of interest
  2. Staff member sends LTS Support Ticket expressing interest in a specific job
  3. LTS systems Librarian adds permission to Sandbox and sends training material
  4. Staff member performs test on Sandbox and updates ticket with job info for LTS review
  5. LTS systems Librarian reviews test results on Sandbox, signs off on production use and adds staff member to list below. Closes ticket. 
  6. If new Alma role is needed for staff member's login, staff member asks their Alma liaison to update form and submit to LTS. LTS Support Team will update production permissions. 


Master list of jobs and batch processes that can be run by staff

Staff members are added to the list below after their test on sandbox has been reviewed. Staff members need to ensure that the Alma liaison submits a login form where applicable. 

ScopeJob nameStaff name (unit)
ItemsChange physical items
  • Amy Dittman (ITS)
  • Daryl Boone (ITS)
  • Honor Moody (ITS)
  • Joshua Parker (DIV)
  • Laura Hartnett (ITS)
  • Mariko Honshuku (LAW)
  • Todd Moody (ITS-LANGDELL)
  • Vardit Samuels (JUD)
  • Julie Petzold (HKS/GUT)
  • Laura Sherriff (LAM/CAB)
  • Karen Carlson Young (GUT/ITS)
Batch item withdrawals
  • Julie Petzold (HKS/GUT)
Work ordersBatch create work orders
  • Julie Petzold (HKS/GUT)
  • Laura Sherriff (LAM/CAB)
  • Jason Clarke (Resource Sharing)
  • Madeleine Newell (Imaging Services?)
Import profiles

Creating new profiles (Physical)
  • Mallory Kasinec (ITS)
  • Minna Popkin (ITS)
Creating new profiles (Electronic)
  • Mallory Kasinec (ITS)

Staff Generic Profiles (1, 2, 3)

  • Ivonne Nolasco (ITS)
  • Kate Bowers (HUA)
Overlay based on 001 Alma ID
  • Michael Hopper
Judaica Digital Projects
  • Elizabeth Vernon
  • Violet Radnofsky
HUA Profiles
  • Kate Bowers (HUA)
Bib changeszDBM Staff Use - set 830 2nd indicator to 0
  • Anthony Terrizzi
(Use of local authority records to update Authorized Access Points)
  • (Catalogers who participate in AARGH)

HVD Staff Use BIb normalization - choose a rule *

Ticket to LTS required for sign-off of specific rules

  • Vardit Samuels (JUD)
Delete Bibliographic records (for CZ/IZ issue)
  • Amy Armitage
Holding changes ! (remember the important info regarding the type of input file)

Staff use - cancel print subscription

Staff use - ceased print subscription

  • Amy Dittman (ITS)
PO Lines

Update PO lines information

Change PO lines status

Update PO lines workflow

  • Daryl Boone (ITS)
  • Amy Dittman (ITS)
  • Elke Piontek (ITS-LANGDELL)
  • Alla Saltanovich (WID-EUROPEAN LANG)
  • Jane Skoric (ITS)
Update PO lines transactions
  • Daryl Boone (ITS)
  • Amy Dittman (ITS)

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