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  • Python Tutorial (Spring, 2019)
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When: February 4, 2019 (5 - 7 PM)

WherePierceHall 301 (Stephanie F. Connaughton Room)

                  (29 Oxford St, Cambridge, MA 02138)

Presenters: Eleni Kaxiras, Faras Sadek, Keshavamurthy Indireshkumar

Who is this for: This is primarily for classes, but beginning researchers might benefit as well. 

What are the topics: This session will be a simple introduction to Python. We will discuss variables, collections, control of flow, and functions. We will also discuss numpy, scipy, linear algebra and ordinary differential equations.

Pre-tutorial preparation:

We will use Jupyter (formerly Ipython) notebooks. For working with the notebooks,  you have at least two options:
1) work on google colaboratory (needs a google account) or  2) have a working version of python and Jupyter on your laptop.

  1. You can open jupyter notebooks via google colaboratory. You need a google account ( account will do).

  2. Have a local python installation. Easiest way of accomplishing this is via Anaconda distribution of python. 
    Please visit the link below for Anaconda installation (click on download):
    1. Choose Python 3 (3.6 as of this writing)
    2. On Mac, if the graphical installer does not work, choose the command line installer

Tutorial Materials 

The jupyter notebooks for this tutorial are on github:

You can clone or download this material. (Please note the material is being worked on and will not be in the final form till the day of the

tutorial.) You are not required to have these unless you are trying to follow along.