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This is the seventh section of the sets module of the Alma Overviews course. The video is at the top of the page, followed by the script.

In this video, you'll review:


This has been the Sets module of the Alma Overviews online course. In this module, we reviewed how to create and manage both logical and itemized sets and briefly discussed what each type of set is suited for. We learned how to create a set from an uploaded file and how to itemize a logical set for a snapshot of current set results.

In your functional training, you will see sets in actions in a variety of ways, and this Overviews course will come back to sets in the Alma for Selected Services module.

More Information About Sets

For more information on sets, visit the Alma documentation wiki or review the Ex Libris Knowledge Center resources on Sets. If you have questions about creating sets, or want to have LTS staff perform a batch update to a set, please use the LTS Support Center form, available to you from the home page of both the Alma production and sandbox options.

Thanks for watching!

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