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This release includes updates to support containerizing and scaling up DRS services

Key Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Web Admin
    • Integration with new DRS2 services architecture
    • PersonDataService - release connection on request to address an issue with person of interest login
    • Added caching of Wordshack terms used on search page
    • Increased timeout tolerance for Wordshack client
    • Fixed an issue with drop box status display screen
  • DRS Services
    • DRS services are now containerized and run in Docker instances which allows for easy replication and scalability
    • Integration with MongoDB to support future DRS metadata optimization work
    • Improved exception handling during virus scanning
  • Wordshack
    • Improved Wordshack user lookup function to make it more efficient and scalable
    • Improved user session management
  • Batch Builder 2.2.19
    • Batch Builder now assigns NRS File Delivery Service URNs to all files in Opaque object content model batches

Please contact LTS Support Center with any questions:

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