This page contains links to workflow resources for Rush Orders that have been created in ITS at 625 since Alma went live in July 2018. Some have been finalized and others are in draft form. This is not intended to serve as a policy, training, or instruction document.

Please contact the wiki page creator/contributors with any questions.  Please also add to this page for any workflows not represented.

General Request Information

Ordering & Receiving Patron Requests

Sending Materials Out “Cat Review”

Note: In the event the patron needs an item quickly and cataloging it would delay access, we let the patron use the item first and then catalog it after patron use.

Interested User Option

For cases when the patron only wants to be notified of when something arrives or is activated, like an e-book or e-resource – they do not need to physically borrow the item from the library.

Notification of Pending Requests


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