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Note: Definitions

Ledger: the highest level of the fund structure hierarchy. Ledgers represent campus and funding source (as defined by library business offices). They combine a large number of summary funds and allocated funds under a single umbrella.  Ledgers have been created for each tub. 

Summary Fund: the middle level(s) of the fund structure hierarchy. There are two levels of Summary funds: Parent (org) and Child (activity.subactivity). Summary funds exist purely for reporting purposes. They do not have money allocated to them and cannot be used to place orders or pay invoices.

Allocated fund: the lowest level of the fund structure hierarchy. Allocated funds have dollars allocated to them, can have orders placed against them, and can be used to pay invoices. Allocated funds may be dedicated to a specific subject area and purchase type, or to a specific endowment or foundation fund.

Finding Funds

All funds are associated with a Ledger. To find a ledger you can search two ways.

Note: All searches filter for Status = Active and Fiscal Period = [Current FY] automatically when you search. You can change these filters after you search.

  • Go to Acquisitions > Acquisitions Infrastructure>Funds and Ledgers
  • Using the search bar (make sure you have selected "Funds") and enter either the Name (such as Divinity) or the Code (ex  DIV is 245). 

This direct search will get you quickly to a known Ledger.

You may perform a general search without including any names or tub codes and results displayed will be all Active Funds in the current fiscal period.   In the left hand bar you can narrow down to all Ledgers (aka Tubs).  We will start with such an open search for the sake of demonstrating the fund structure.



Searching All funds will display results for all active funds and ledgers and summary funds for the current fiscal year. You can use facets in the left side bar to narrow down your search. 


By clicking on Type > Ledgers in the facets, the search results will narrow down to list all active ledgers in the fiscal period and you can scroll through the list of ledgers find the ledger you want to review.


Scroll to find the ledger you want to review. Click on the name or the View button to go to the Ledger Summary page:

View Ledger Details

On the Ledger Summary Details page, continue navigating through each of the Ledger’s tabs to view information.


Click on the Funds tab and the results will show all Summary Funds and Allocated Funds under that Ledger.


If you narrow the search to Summary fund you will see that Divinity only has one Summary Fund, designated Parent Summary.

View Summary Fund Details

Click on the Name or the View button to go to the Summary Fund Summary Details page and view each tab. (Summary is both the name of the fund type and the title of the tab.) The FY and code information is in the top area and remains available as you navigate to other tabs, such as Funds or Notes.

On the Funds Tab are all Allocated Funds associated with that Summary Fund.


Scroll through all the Allocated Funds until you find the fund you want to view. On this page you will see a snapshot of information about the fund; click on the name of the fund or on View to see additional information.


View Allocated Funds Details

Click on the fund name you want to review and you will be brought to the Allocated Fund Detail Summary tab.


Click on the Transaction tab to view all transactions that have posted to that fund.

Click on View from the row action item list (ellipsis icon) to see the specific transaction details.








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