Alma Analytics

Alma Analytics is an add-on tool that extends the basic reporting functions in Alma. It's build on Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Editions (OBIEE) and uses Structured Query Language (SQL) to extra data and compile reports and analyses.

Many "reports" are available as the results of basic or advanced searches in Alma itself, but Analytics provides searching and analysis at a deeper or more complex level.

Harvard Staff Documentation

Field Descriptions by Subject Area

Learn More About Alma Analytics

Alma Analytics is a robust tool with many features, and you'll learn best by doing. Use these resources to guide you as you practice creating and running analyses.

Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) and Data Visualization (DV) Tool

Analytics and Reporting Working Group Training - Training

Analytics Overview 

Creating Analytics

Reporting Discussion List

Subscribe to the Reporting Discussion List at Harvard

The HL-reporting-discussion list is used for internal communication between Harvard library staff engaged in activities related to reporting and/or analyses, across Harvard’s available systems, including work done in Alma Analytics and Cognos.  The list is intended for informal peer support: asking questions, troubleshooting, sharing discoveries, exploring tools and resources, and other discussions about reports, analyses, and their use in Harvard library. 

The Harvard Library's Reporting Discussion Group co-conveners serve as moderators. Subscription requests are approved by list owners and moderators. 

Harvard Reporting & Analytics Tool (HART) Training & Documentation

HART/OAS 6.4 Self-Service Training Program, 2022-2023

Knowledge Base Resources

Ex Libris Training & Documentation

Introduction to Alma Analytics, video overview, 17 min

Introduction to Alma Analytics and Terminology, documentation overview

Additional topics in Alma Analytics, video tutorials, range from 8 min to 29 min

Analytics documentation, support documents

Common Alma Analytics Procedures, tip sheets

Presentations and Documents on Analytics, PowerPoint presentations and PDFs, many by Ex Libris staff and some by other libraries

Alma Advanced Analytics (2018 Technical Seminar)

Support Materials from Other Libraries

University of Western Australia Introduction to Ex Libris Alma Analytics (rev. 2015)

University of Minnesota Alma Analytics wiki page

Alma Analytics Training Series, video series by Lisa Bartle, Coordinator of Collection Development at California State University: San Bernardino

"And You Thought Your Were Nerdy!" Fun with Alma Analytics (ELUNA 2019 presentation) by Lisa Hamlett, Application Support Analyst II at Emory University

Off-the-Grid Reporting: A Few Handy Reports in Alma Analytics (ELUNA 2019 presentation) by Mike Rogers, Enterprise Systems Manager, University of Tennessee

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