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  • DRS v2.16 and Batch Builder v2.2.11 Release Notes (November 2017)
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Key Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Deployed version 1.2 of the File Information Tool Set (FITS), which now includes containerMD for support of technical metadata about container files. Also, the embedded DROID tool was updated to v6.3.
  • New version of Batch Builder (version 2.2.12) is available for download from the Batch Builder installation page on the LTS documentation wiki. Changes in this version include:
    • Uses the new FITS.
    • Now assigns delivery URNs to all files in an opaque object.
    • Important: This Batch Builder version runs on Java SE Development Kit 64-bit version 8 only and is not compatible with JDK versions 7 or 9. If this version of BB doesn't run when installed, you may need to update your Java version.  Note that using BB 2.2.12 is not required at this point, so if need be existing users can stay at the previous version.
  • Batch Builder and the DRS loader now support extraction of ContainerMD technical metadata when opaque content is deposited.
  • Minor changes to DRS billing.
  • Additional work to remove HUIDs from Wordshack.

Please contact LTS Support Center with any questions:

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