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  • DRS Batch Builder Release Notes for Version 2.2.10 (June 2017)
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Key Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • New field Deposit Agent Email added (which auto-resolves to Deposit Agent Wordshack URI) to facilitate Wordshack HUID removal. More detailed information about the changes related to HUID Wordshack removal in the new release of Batch Builder is available here.
  • Integrates FITS 1.1.1 with:
    • Improved performance for large video files  (This is a new value called "droid_read_limit" that can be set in the fits.xml configuration file. More details here)
    • OTS 1.0.44 with support for ContainerMD schema
  • Integrate updated DRS2 Services jar

Please contact LTS Support Center with any questions:

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