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  • COMSOL tutorials for ES 176/ES 276
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Prepared by: K. Indireshkumar (Kumar)

                                       Computational Scientist, SEAS Computing


Introduction to Computing/Simulation:


Micromixer (Fluid Mechanics, Chemical Diffusion, Stationary) 


MEMS Energy Harvester (Heat Transfer, Solid Mechanics, Time Dependent)

Instructions: comsol-mems-energy-harvester.pdf


Energy Harvester – Introduction

Energy Harvester – COMSOL Modeling

Piezoelectric Shear Bender (Electrostatics, Solid Mechanics, Stationary)


For Piezoelectric actuator, download the PDF for COMSOL 5.1 from:

Click on "Download the Application Files" and download models.mems.shear_bender.pdf


Piezoelectric Shear Bender -- Introduction

Piezoelectric Shear Bender -- COMSOL Modeling

Other COMSOL Models not covered in the class:

Micromixer – 3D model (from COMSOL site):

Introductory COMSOL videos are also on the COMSOL website. Here is one: