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  • DRS Batch Builder Release Notes for Version 2.2.0 (June 2016)
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Key Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Text content model now supports text files with any extension
  • CSV files with mimetype text/csv are now accepted as valid in Text content model
  • Advanced CLI mode now supports the same command line properties as simple CLI mode
  • Configuration files created with a previous version of the software can now be used with the most recent release of Batch Builder
  • Quotation marks are stripped from PDS Document List’s PDS Object Alternate Labels when they are being passed via CSV files
  • Batch Builder now ignores file system attributes represented as .files when processing batches in Advanced CLI mode
  • Supports provision of external MD5 checksums for video deposits
  • Removes 'dummy' project files from Advanced CLI upon completion of processing
  • Added JUnitTests for CLI handling

Please contact LTS Support Center with any questions:

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