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Batch Builder

Batch Builder is a Java-based desktop tool that creates batches of digital objects for deposit to the DRS. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.  Given a directory of digital objects and corresponding metadata, Batch Builder produces a batch.xml batch control file for the batch and a descriptor.xml descriptor file for each object in the batch. Once the batch is prepared, the depositor uses secure FTP (SFTP) to upload the batch to the appropriate DRS drop box.

Software and documentation for Batch Builder 2 (used with new DRS):

What digital files are eligible?

Batch Builder currently supports nine types of digital objects (DRS content models). For more information on which digital files are supported by each content model see the Batch Builder User Guide.

Who can use Batch Builder?

Batch Builder is available for use by organizations and individuals who are responsible for deposit of digital files to the DRS. This might include organizations inside or outside of Harvard who play a role in Harvard digitization activities. 

To use Batch Builder, a user must be able to supply valid DRS administrative metadata such as DRS owner code, billing code, and an NRS authority path. To deposit batches generated by Batch Builder, a user must be authorized as a depositor and have a drop box account in DRS.

Web Admin

The DRS Web Admin tool allows curators, administrators and depositing agents to create, view, and manipulate their deposited objects and metadata in the DRS. Web Admin also supports maintenance of page-turned objects that are delivered by the Page Delivery Service (a function previously supported by the PDS Maintenance tool in the first-generation DRS).

Access to the DRS Web Admin requires a registered Harvard ID and PIN, and a user account in the new DRS.

Software and documentation for New Web Admin:

Software and documentation for Old Web Admin:


Wordshack is a central vocabulary maintenance system designed for use in the context of digital repositories and digital preservation services. Wordshack is a separate system that has been integrated into the new DRS Web Admin to allow easy access for managing controlled terms and applying these terms to objects and files stored in DRS. Terms created in Wordshack can be applied to digital content being prepared for deposit in Batch Builder or EAS (Electronic Archiving System). Terms can also be applied after deposit to DRS via Web Admin.

DRS users who have the metadata_editor role are automatically authorized to create Admin Category terms in Wordshack. 

Software and documentation for Wordshack:

DRS Software Release Notes

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