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Use the new Library Reserve Quick Guide for directions on how to submit reserve requests for Fall 2018 courses.


Getting Started

You can submit requests for course readings to a supporting library and manage the list of readings to control what students see. To get started click Manage Library Reserves.

Reuse Library Reserves from a Previous Term

  1. You can reuse reserves from a previous term. Select a previous term from the Dropdown.
  2. The list of Library Reserves from the previous term will appear below the list of current reserves. You can select individual readings to reuse or select them all.
    Save your changes by clicking Re-use Selected Reserves.

Add New Library Reserves

  1. Click Add New Reserve to request a new Library Reserve not available in a previous term.
  2. Choose Material Type and Reserve Location
  3. Enter a HOLLIS Number for book requests or a DOI or Pubmed ID for Journal Articles.
  4. Use Autofill to complete the request form. You can clear the form by clicking Reset Autofill.
  5. If you don't have a number to use for Autofill, manually add as much information as you can. At minimum, we'll need the Title or a URL.
  6. Be sure to uncheck Visible to Student if you don't want the reserve to appear once it's processed by the Library.
  7. Click Create Reserve to submit your request.
    If you submitted the item as Visible to Student, the reserve will be visible in the student view once the library has processed it.

Remove reading from list

  1. You can select items to remove individually or select all to remove at once. Click Remove selected reserve(s).
    You'll be asked to confirm before removing.

Change the order of the Library Reserves list

  1. Click and Drag the Crosshairs Icon next to each Reserve to re-order the list.
  2. Click Save new Reserves order to keep the new order or click Restore original order to cancel your changes.

Edit existing Library Reserves

  1. Click the pencil icon to change the visibility, add notes, indicate a required reading, or add a Lecture Date.
  2. Click Update Reserve to save your changes.

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