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The 5 accounts that may be needed when coming to Harvard

  • Harvard Key - A must have for all Harvard affiliates! Harvard's access point to a variety of web based applications including some at SEAS. 
  • University username and password - This is a username in the form of three letters and three numbers. SEAS users typically will only use this for accessing Office365 resources.
  • FAS Username and password - This set of credentials is only used by SEAS users wishing to use Harvard's Google apps ( The google apps username is the same as the FAS i.e. if your fas username is jharvard your username is The password for google apps is the same as your FAS password
  • SEAS username and password - Presently this credential is used to login to some desktops, access SEAS storage, SEAS sharepoint sites and This set of credentials is being phased out. Desktops, Storage, and Sharepoint will be migrated to University services and make use of University username and passwords.
  • FAS Research Computing - This account is specific to using the Odyssey HPC environment and associated services. NOT everyone in SEAS will need this.


How do I get these accounts?

HUID and PIN - A users HUID number is established when they are entered in the Midas or Peoplesoft system. In order to obtain their PIN they need to get their PIN letter either from the ID office or from someone who has access in MIDAS to generate this letter.

University username and password - This account is created automatically for all users that have and active appointment in Midas. The user then needs to "claim" their account

FAS Username and Password - Users can go to https:/ and claim their account. Until November 19th 2015 claiming an FAS account will result in an FAS Exchange mailbox being created. Users should request this mailbox be removed in order to prevent emails being misdirected and unread.

SEAS username and password - Users fill in

FAS Research Computing account - Users fill in This requires approval by the users P.I.

How do I get an email account?

It is important to differentiate an email address (what a user sends and receives email), and a mailbox (where the email is stored). All email addresses are simply aliases that can be directed to any destination. This means there are 4 options for users. 

  1. Do NOT get a email address and use whatever email they use day to day presently

  2. Have a email address direct email to another existing mailbox (i.e. forwards to In most cases this is not desirable as there is no guarantee the user can send email as their @seas address using a foreign email system.

  3. Apply for a Microsoft Office365 Exchange mailbox

  4. Apply for a (google) mailbox

Both options 3&4 allow users to send and receive email as their @seas email address. At this time these requests should be made by emailing and requesting one of these options. There is no ability to collaborate across the google and Microsoft platforms therefore users should choose the platform that allows them to best collaborate with the other members of their group. 

If a user ends up needing both types of accounts for collaboration, they should choose one to use as a mailbox and forward all email from the other. Forwarding can be managed by the user on either platform.

All users wishing to have an Office365 or Google apps account must have an active role at the university. If a person needs access to these services and does not have an active role, one can be created for them by following the person-of-interest process. All persons of interest must have a valid HUID holder as a sponsor. These appointments must be renewed annually. 


On-boarding Steps...

  1. Ensure the individual has an active role in Midas
  2. Fill out
  3. Email requesting one of the above options for email
  4. Complete the AAAD form in order to inform other groups about the new arrival so they can take the appropriate steps.


Coming soon.




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