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I'm a student or part of a student organization.  Can I get a wiki? 


To have a Wiki space created for you, start by contacting the Help Desk at Please have a Space Name and Space Key in mind before contacting the help desk. Make sure that you follow the Terms of Use for the Harvard Wikis.

When I'm editing content, how often is a draft saved?Drafts are automatically saved every 30 seconds. For more information about drafts, check out the Versioning and Drafts section. 
I accidentally removed a file/attachment/pages, etc.  Is there a way for me to recover them? 

You can recover deleted pages by following going to Space Admin, going to the "Trash" and clicking "Restore." You can find step by step directions in the "Restoring a Deleted Page" section of the Confluence User's Guide.   

Any attachments to the deleted page will be restored with the page. However, if you delete attachments individually, there is currently no way to restore them.

How do I delete an attachment?

To delete an attachment:

  • Go to the page where the attachment has been added
  • Click the "Tools" option in the top right of the page
  • Click "Attachments" - it's the first link in the menu
  • You'll be taken to a page where you can "Remove" individual attachments
I'm interested in changing my space logo to the organization's logo.  Can you tell me the recommended image size for it?  If you're an administrator of your space, you can change the space logo by following the step-by-step instructions here. A circle logo less than 60 px in size works best.
Can I build my own template for Wiki?  Templates are useful if you are created multiple pages that will follow a common format. You can learn how to build a space template by following the directions here.
Can I use an existing Wiki as a template?

Yes! We can run a process that will remove author information, comments, and the page history for your space and then create a new space with the pages and attachments intact. Labels can also be removed as a part of the process.

This feature is particularly useful for Course Spaces to be re-used in a subsequent semester, but administrative spaces may also find it useful.

How is the Harvard Wiki related to Wikipedia?  

No relation! Wikipedia is a world-accessible internet encyclopedia supported by a non-profit organization. This Wiki is a central, customizable place for members of the Harvard community to collaboratively create content to enhance teaching, learning, and research.

There are so many choices.  When should i use a wiki vs. SharePoint, or some other solution?  

The strength of the Wiki is that it allows users to create content collaboratively using a user-friendly web-based editor and interface. However, another application supported by Harvard may be better for you. Some strengths and weaknesses of the other applications are below:

Sharepoint (still in pilot phase): If you're working with a lot of data or documents that are HRCI (definition here), you may want to consider using Sharepoint as your solution. The other two solutions listed don't cover HRCI. Also, if your main focus is sharing existing documents instead of creating original content, Sharepoint is a better choice than the Wiki. For more information, check out the FAQs on the Sharepoint site here.

If in doubt, please contact the Help Desk at They should be able to provide guidance to you regarding which tool may work best.

Can I receive notifications when a page or a space is updated?   How can I stop receiving notification emails?  

You can receive notifications when a page is updated! Check out the Keeping Updated page for more information about how to watch a page, a space, or how to receive daily notifications about changes to all spaces to which you have access. You can stop receiving notifications at any time.

By default, you will receive notifications whenever a page that you created or edited is updated. This is called "autowatch" and can be disabled by following the directions here.

Can I build my own theme for the Wiki?Not at this time. However, you can change the color scheme, or even define custom CSS for your space under the Space Administration section. For more information about writing custom CSS for your site, follow the step-by-step directions here.
I found a really neat macro or plugin! Can I add it to my space?Possibly. The Wiki team at iCommons will need to evaluate it first, since some macros can cause security risks, block the upgrade path for the Wiki, or can end up being expensive to purchase and maintain. Check out the request process on the Plugin Requests and Evaluations for information about how to request a review of a macro or plugin.
Can I add someone from outside of Harvard to my space?You can! First, the user should create an XID, which will allow the user to discoverable in Harvard applications after a 24-hour waiting period. After the user's XID becomes active, you can find and add the user under the "Individual Users" section of the "Permissions" page. Check out the Permissions page for more information.
How do I make my space open to the public?You can open your space up to the public by changing the settings on "Anonymous Access" under "Permissions." It's recommended that you only allow anonymous users to view your space, not interact with it. Check out the Permissions page for more information.
Can users who haven't logged in create and edit content?Anonymous users (those users not logged in to PIN) can only view content on the Harvard Wikis. If a user that's not affiliated with Harvard wants access to edit content or create new content, he or she should create a XID.
I am running a Wiki but it's not using Confluence, can I move my content to! Please contact us a to start the process.
I am running a Wiki on a different installation of Confluence. Can I move my content to! Please contact us a to start the process.