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Users who have questions about protecting privacy should contact their local support provider for guidance on appropriate use.

Technical Support

iCommons HUIT Academic Technology provides services through school-based technical support. iCommons  HUIT Academic Technology works directly with these school-based liaisons so that they can provide up-to-date information and in-depth technical support to their clients.   iCommons also maintains a list of contacts for support purposes.iCommons provides school-based liaisons with means to provide feedback at all levels of criticality. Harvard Wiki users can also contact local IT support to report issues, gather information, or make enhancement requests.

File Storage

iCommons monitors HUIT Academic Technology monitors the file space associated with each wiki, and may enforce a wiki space storage limit.


In addition, no user may use or make available other users’ contributions to a Harvard Wiki in a way that would infringe or violate the copyright or other rights of those contributors.  If a wiki administrator wishes to be able to make a Harvard Wiki accessible (either immediately or in the future) to an audience broader than the Harvard users who are authorized to contribute to the wiki, the administrator should so inform all contributors.  The administrator should similarly inform all contributors if the wiki will be made available under particular license terms – such as one of the Creative Commons licenses.  All contributors to the Harvard Wiki who are so informed in advance and who have a copyright interest in their contributions agree by contributing that their contributions may be made available in the manner specified.  Wiki contributors also should recognize that the collaborative nature of the wiki may affect their rights in their contributions – for example, by possibly giving rise to a joint work, in which the copyright is jointly owned by multiple contributors.  General information and resources on copyright law and fair use may be found ,at http://www.techtransfer.harvard.edu/resources/policies/IP/.  General information and resources on copyright law and fair use may be found, among other places, athttp://ogc.harvard.edu/copyright_docs/index.php. The Harvard University Statement of Policy in Regard to Intellectual Property may be found atat http://www.techtransfer.harvard.edu/resources/policies/IP/.


Your name and contributions to a Harvard Wiki will be made available to the administrator and other contributors to the wiki. Depending on the scope of access given to the wiki by its administrator, your name and contributions may be made available to the public.   Questions about who can view the wiki, your contributions and your name should be directed to the administrator.