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titleBest Practice: Copy and Merge
  1. Search for copy in Connexion
    In Alma, open the target record in the Metadata Editor

    1. We should search in Connexion to make sure we have the best possible record.
    2. This recommendation exists because of the advanced search capabilities in Connexion, where it is easier to deal with large numbers of search results. 
    3. You may also begin right in Alma if you do not generally encounter many OCLC records for your materials. 
  2. Choose Tools --> Search External Resources
  3. A form opens in the right pane. Click the Clear button

  4. Copy the OCLC number from Connexion (Ctrl+T) and paste it to the field labeled "system number" in the form in the right pane in Alma.

  5. Click Search

    1. (Should be rare: if you get more than one hit, view the records in Alma and choose the correct record)
  6. Click on the drop down menu and choose "Copy & Merge"

    1. Do NOT choose Copy & Overlay. Do NOT choose IMPORT since that creates a duplicate record in Alma.
    2. Note - Copy & Merge removes the 998 field in the original record if present and makes it eligible for future OCLC overlays if it is a monograph. 

(info) Exception for serials: we need to keep the 998 field, so if you use "copy & merge" on a serial record, you need to add 998 NO-OVERLAY to the bib. record.

 87. Click Execute. Save and release the record.