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  • Instructions in this part assume you want to compile and run your own version of WRF. However, note that a compiled usable version of WRF/WRF-Chem v3.6.1 including all external utilities and supplementary geography datasets that you can copy to your preferred run directory is already located at: 


    This folder (hereafter $CLIMATE_MODELS) contains the WRF-ARW model, the WRF Pre-processing system (WPS; used for real test cases), the chemistry module add-on, the complete WRF geography dataset (for use with WPS and WRF-Chem), and other utilities needed for WRF-Chem. Note: WPS, WRF-Chem not relevant for idealized cases.

    Note 2: With the exception of the geography data set which is really big, copy the WRF_CHEM_3-6-1 folder to a location you are going to run it from. Soft link to the geography data set in the $CLIMATE_MODELS folder.

  • If you want to use another version, you will first need to register as a user to download WRF source codes
    WRF: http://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/users/download/get_source.html

  • Once you've registered, you will be able to navigate to the downloads section. Select the WRF components relevant to you. For example:
    http://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/src/WPSV3.6.1.TAR.gz #WPS 3.6.1
    http://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/src/WRFV3.6.1.TAR.gz #WRF 3.6.1
    http://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/src/WRFV3-Chem-3.6.1.TAR.gz #Chem module add-on for WRF 3.6.1

  • Be sure to read the online user manuals:
    WRF-ARW: http://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/users/docs/user_guide_V3/contents.html
    WRF-Chem: https://ruc.noaa.gov/wrf/wrf-chem/Users_guide.pdf #This is for a different WRF-Chem version (3.9), but it's still a relevant guide.
    https://ruc.noaa.gov/wrf/wrf-chem/Emission_guide.pdf #This is a separate supplementary WRF-Chem guide to chemical input data processing.
    https://ruc.noaa.gov/wrf/wrf-chem/wrf_tutorial_nepal/talks/Setup.pdf  #Some helpful WRF-Chem slides from NOAA

  • If you're going to be using WRF meteorology output to drive the STILT LPDM (http://stilt-model.org/index.php/Main/HomePage) you will need to make some changes to the Registry file before compiling. Some basic instructions for this are located in $CLIMATE_MODELS folder as a README_WRF-STILT_modifications.txt file. 

  • Once you've downloaded the necessary tar.gz files, confirm your bashrc file looks something like:
    # (1) Load required modules (here we use Intel and Intel MPI) 
       module load intel/17.0.4-fasrc01
       module load impi/2017.2.174-fasrc01
       module load netcdf/4.1.3-fasrc02 
       module load libpng/1.6.25-fasrc01
       module load jasper/1.900.1-fasrc02
       module load intel/17.0.4-fasrc01 impi/2017.2.174-fasrc01 ncview/2.1.7-fasrc01 
       module load ncl_ncarg/6.4.0-fasrc01
    # (2) Define required environment variables
       export JASPERLIB=${JASPER_LIB}
       export HDF5=${HDF5_HOME}
       unset MPI_LIB  #unset for WPS, where WPS is used for real WRF simulations
    ### ...... For WRF-Chem: ...... ###
       export WRF_EM_CORE=1
       export WRF_NMM_CORE=0
       export WRF_CHEM=1


  • Now, configure and compile. WRF must be compiled before WPS.