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RequestorRequest DateSizePriorityTitle/ScopeLTS LeadImpact
D2D1/1/2017MediumHighDedupe print and electronic titles in PrimoCorinna BaksikIn Aleph, policy was to use single record approach cataloging for print/electronic reproductions. In Alma we're using separate records per Metadata Standards recommendation. This has been a problem for users and been reported as a high priority issue by public services staff. Records for print and electronic version of same title appear separately in search results, and often not next to each other.
Alma Tech Team1/1/2017MediumMediumAleph Library Reporting Warehouse Data Updates - Updates Cognos System to include Aleph Archived DataAllison PowersData like the full order log, item history, request history and z00r did not migrate to Aleph. This project will provide access to this this data via Cognos. Tables to be added to Cognos: HVD01.Z00R, HVD60.Z00R, HVD10.Z00R, HVD12.Z00R, Order, subscription and invoice log (Z71), Hold Requests History (Z37H), Item history (Z30H).


Alma Tech Team1/1/2017LargeMediumIngest of Alma Bibs/holdings/items into Library Reporting Warehouse/Cognos Data ModelAllison PowersAllow for crossing data sets with HD data and other reporting needs.
Alma Tech Team1/1/2017SmallLowGeneric Alma ExportCorinna BaksikNo one has requested a specific ongoing export.
Alma Tech Team1/1/2017MediumMediumOCLC BNS for Books and Serials (but needs Datasync first)Corinna BaksikLack of valuable updates to bib records with new data from OCLC
Alma Tech Team1/1/2017MediumMediumEbookplatesCorinna BaksikLack of digital bookplates in HOLLIS for new receipts
Alma Tech Team1/1/2017MediumMediumHFA loadsCorinna BaksikLack of new/updated HFA data in HOLLIS
Alma Tech Team7/1/2017SmallMedium

Mispaired non-Latin fields flipped to vernacular

Corinna BaksikLoss of non-Latin data in local records. (More detail on Known Issues page)
Anne Adams9/27/2017SmallMediumOCLC sync for p level records (RECCO/MUS)TBDIn an effort to provide better access for recordings that have H08$ap level cataloging, a batch overlay of these records with updated OCLC records (I and blank encoding levels) could provide better access points for older records, allowing us to possible change them to H08$ac.

More information in ALEPH SUPPORT: ISSUE=21777 PROJ=14
Rachel Lewellen5/1/2018LargeLowIngest of Alma Local Backup Service data in Library Reporting WarehouseLaura MorseCertain Data Elements may not be available in Alma Analytics for reporting. In addition, some data points may be needed in LRW to cross with other data sources, like HD data. This project would evaluate whether a subscription to this service and ingest of data into LRW would meet assessment and reporting needs not met by Alma analytics directly.
Andrea Schulman5/31/2018SmallHighCapital IQKara Young

From Andrea: Like the wsj.com, it will require individual logins. They are implementing SAML for single sign-on.  We have also proxied a page where new users can register for an account with a Harvard email.  

ADSC?1/1/2017SmallHighOCLC Holdings Symbol ConsolidationTBD 
Baker5/1/2018MediumMediumBaker 3.0 API ProjectLaura Morse 
Laura Wood and Anu Vedantham 6/4/2018MediumMediumFP Data Harvest for planningLindsay Whitacre 
Rachel Lewellen5/25/2018MediumMediumUpdates to HD data model in LRW

Allison &


Update LKUP_HD_OWNER table by adding a column for "Customer Group" and populating with the entries provided in an Excel spreadsheet.

Wendy Gogel6/15/2018MediumMediumAdding VC subject data to Alma recordsTBDVC included a local database that stored additional subject data not present in underlying database of records. With migration of VC to Spotlight, this data needs to migrate to a new home. This project is includes investigation of possible fields in Alma MARC records to store these subjects (they are not a controlled vocabulary), as well as planning for load of data into Alma.
Suzanne Wones/Franziska Frey6/30/2019MediumMediumHathi Annual Print Holdings Disclosure

Benson Smith


Redesign process for the HathiTrust “print holdings” report.
Permanent Retention notes6/19LargeMediumAdding retention notes to recordsTBDAdding retention notes to support collaborative partnerships (Hathi, ReCAP, LoR, JSTOR Retention)
Google Scanning5/1MediumHighAlma export and tracking processesTBD 
Hathi Disability Disclosure6/15SmallMediumUpdate holdings in HathiTBD 
Publishing Strategy6/19MediumMediumSupport various full file publishingTBD 
Library Kiosk Machines (increased HOLLIS logout time)5/20MediumHigh

Ensure that all library public terminals have kiosk accounts


Issues with HK logins on shared public library terminals

This project would allow all HOLLIS users to have an increased logout time so they are not logged out after 45 min, a significant complaint from patrons and staff.

Berenson7/3SmallMediumPotential patron loader changesKara YoungBerenson visiting scholars currently come through patron loader as staff members. This results in longer loan periods than Berenson would like for these short-term visitors. Analysis is required to determine whether such a change is possible.
Shalimar White7/2017MediumMediumConsolidate Rubel collections in Fine ArtsTBDCirculation and management of Rubel collections separate from Fine Arts present issues with patron interfaces (Rubel appears as a pick-up location) and with staff workflows (staff have to flip "currently at" location to discharge Rubel items to put "in place"). Consolidation would simplify patron request options and provide more efficiency in circulation workflows.
Alma Tech Team1/1/2017SmallLowLongterm HD loansTBD

Determine if issues still exist with items in transit to HD/ReCAP not appearing in end of day files and requiring periodic reconciliation

Alma Tech Team1/1/2017MediumLowHey CarrelTBD
Local development of a web app.
  • Use of both APIs to loan  and manage due date
  • Development to work with Alma Loan API for Carrels
  • Update due date using the manage_due_date API due in July release
Alma Tech Team1/1/2017MediumLowInscriptio enhancementTBD
  • HK integration for LTS App
  • Functional enhancement to use Alma API to loan carrel
Alma Tech Team1/1/2017MediumLowLibrary Services Dispatcher - Phase 2TBD
  • Switch to Python 3
  • Put behind PIN
  • Add date picker
Alma Tech Team1/1/2017MediumLowOpen MetadataTBD 
Alma Tech Team1/1/2017MediumHighLibrary CloudTBD 
Alma Tech Team1/1/2017MediumLowGLIB (FIG Updates)TBD 
Alma Tech Team7//16/2018MediumLowRework of Scan & DeliverTBD 
ITS7/31/2018MediumLowRequestsTrackerTBDSystem is used to triage requests largely from selectors and route internally to ITS departments. Project would analyze ways to utilize Alma or other systems to replace this system.
LTS8/9/2018MediumHighEzProxy to CASKara Young, Lindsay Whitacre

It is proving problematic implementing changes to AMS while it still has to support the EZProxy gateway.  I know that it was planned to move EZProxy off AMS and on to Shib/CAS.  It would be very helpful it that could be done as soon as possible.

HLS8/17/2018MediumMediumSHARIAsource project (http://ilsp.law.harvard.edu/shariasource/Robin Wendler (analysis)Replacement for metadata for lilCloud.
Marilyn Rackley8/28/2018MediumMediumEnhancements to Aeon HOLLIS requestsTBD

Add other fields to the OpenURL link: add the 506 first indicator, $a, $c, and $3 and the material type that displays to the patron (the one that controls with material type icon shows in HOLLIS). Also requested: temp loc (currently only perm loc is delivered)

PENDING ExL development plan for item-level GES options`

Michael Edwards9/5/2018MediumMediumAlma Widget - Delete HoldingsTBDCreate an app that will accept a file of bib and holding mms ids to delete batches of holdings
Laura Morse9/5/2018MediumMediumAlma Widget - Receive ItemTBD

Create an app that will accept a file of barcodes and receive the item to remove acq status

  • 6200+ items identified so far as unavailable to patrons, but on shelf at HD or RD
Kristin Stoklosa8/31/2018SmallLowSafari/O'Reilly SSO authenticationKara YoungAuthenticate SSO users with Shib (or other options)- analysis required.
LeWG5/17/2018MediumMediumCreate a view of reserves lists in HOLLISTBDAllow users to access lists/find materials in HOLLIS directly. Useful at circulation desk when trying to find the item needed.
Lidia Uziel Small?Document process for allocated fund batch updatesTBDCreate workflow to allow libraries to generate sets of order records and submit requests to update of allocated funds.
 10/19/2018LargeMediumPhase 3/Long-Term Alma TrainingJennifer KoerberDevelop and launch a sustainable training platform for staff to work through under manager supervision. Will be developed in the first 6 months of 2019.
Kate Bowers10/17/2018Large?Additional authority types in AlmaTBDDevelop and implement additional authority files in the MD Editor, specifically starting with the Art and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) from The Getty (available as linked open data).
Mary Hecht10/25/18SmallMediumFully automate update of Harvard holdings in BrowZineBill WalshImproved user experience with BrowZine with up-to-date holdings; non-automated process subject to human error.
Cynthia Churchwell10/15/18SmallHighOnboard HBS for LegantoKara Young

Allow HBS faculty to add Course Reserves in Canvas Course Sites.

Project includes: Integrate HBS Canvas Course feed to Alma, training of staff on workflows, Alma configuration

Suzanne Wones10/24/18SmallHighExport Google Scanning Metadata to HathiBenson Smith / Allison PowersHathi will download GBS scans and provide access to Harvard Researchers.

Create process to export google scanning metadata to Hathi.

Claire DeMarco

Robin Wendler

10/12/18Small?Create Holdings records for digitized GovDocsTBDBatch creation of Holdings records with Digital Master information and URLs. Possibly also delete item records and existing holdings. FootPrints ticket 20772 in Discovery and Portal. ME believes that this can only be done with an API, i.e. existing jobs are not sufficient.
Elizabeth Vernon11/15/2018?MediumConversion of Harvard Alma 966 fields to 853/863 PairsTBD

An important feature of Alma Analytics reporting is that Analytics contains a summary holding field, making it possible to easily include holdings -- including serial holdings -- in a tabular report. This data is critical for the purposes for collaborative collection development with our ReCAP and Ivy Plus partners -- to identify strengths of and holes in holdings. This summary holdings information also serves to support several other key areas of library operations, including  periodical deduplication and weeding, digitization projects, remote storage transfer projects, and more. However, any holdings data stored in a 966 field is invisible to Analytics.

The Analytics summary holding field is populated with the aggregate contents of the 866 fields in the holding record. The 866 fields in Alma are generated as display versions of the 863/863 fields. 

The data that was previously stored in an 866 field in Aleph was converted as a 966 field in Alma. The old 866 (now 966) holdings data includes both serial holdings that were done in summary form (particuarly from retrospective conversion projects of periodical holdings recorded on cards, but also certain categories of more recent titles), as well as holdings for monographs and collections.  

The problem is that the data in the 966 field does not populate the Analytics holdings summary field -- it only recognizes the 866 field.  This means that the holdings for approximately 783K records -- of which 173K are serials -- display as blank fields in Analytics. Without this holdings information being reportable through the holdings field, compiling this data will be complex and time-consuming.  

The remedy to this problem is to convert the data in 966 fields 853 / 863 pairs via batch job, according to the following pattern:

853 02 $$8 1 $$a (*)
863 40 $$8 1 $$a [contents of converted 966]

RMWG11/25/2018SmallLowCorrect 2nd indicator and $2 for 655 coded as LCSH and flipped by Alma to LCGFT termCorinna BaksikWhen a 655 field is coded for LCSH and matches a non-preferred term in LCGFT, Alma flips the heading to the preferred LCGFT term but does not update the coding (it should change the 2nd ind to 7 and add $2 lcgft). This does not have an effect on patrons using HOLLIS, but the incorrect coding may cause problems in future linked data projects or migrations. Alma will continue to flip these headings so on-going clean-up may be required until after/if the Ideas Exchange is implemented:https://ideas.exlibrisgroup.com/forums/308173-alma/suggestions/36105922-preferred-term-correction-correct-coding-when-fl
Leila Smith12/6/18?HighHD Accession ChecksTBDWith accession checks currently off in LAS, we are anticipating a fair amount of errors that will impact patron requests. For example, an item that should be refiled at ReCAP, that was never on file at HD, might be accessioned into HD instead of being returned to ReCAP. The longer these checks aren't done the way they used to be, the more cleanup there will be down the road, which could leave a number of partial trays. Cleanup work is also contingent upon ALMA data in Cognos.