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RequesterRequest DateTarget Completion DateSizePriorityTitle/ScopeLTS LeadLibrary OwnerImpact
Alma Tech Team1/1/2017 See individual itemsMediumHighData updates that adversely affect workflows Laura MorseTSWG

Workflows will not be possible without key updates to data in Alma

Status: See underlying pages for in process items.

Alma Tech Team1/1/2017See milestone timeline at OCLC Data Sync (Maintaining Holdings in WorldCat)LargeHighOCLC Export - Creation of Alma to OCLC scripts for maintaining holdings & OCLC Holdings Symbol ConsolidationAllison Powers ADSC

Alma created holdings will not be in sync with WorldCat. Requires full synchronization of database prior to ongoing maintenance processes. There are several Harvard prerequisites prior to starting the synchronization for each symbol.

Status: Met 7/24 to kick off active project.

Alma Tech Team1/1/2017(Work needs to happen in conjunction with Data Sync)MediumMediumOCLC BNS for Books and SerialsCorinna BaksikLack of valuable updates to bib records with new data from OCLCWork needs to happen in conjunction with Data Sync
Alma Tech Team1/1/20173/30/2019SmallMediumETD loadsCorinna Baksik OSC

New DASH / print dissertation records not represented in catalog

  • Alma process defined. Testing with ETD extract and loads in process
  • Process for file retrieval needed. Tim and Dave to discuss.

Status: On hold pending DASH/Vireo work

Alma Tech Team1/1/20178/30/2019SmallHighIRIS exportsCorinna Baksik Berenson

Lack of new/updated BER data in Italian research consortium

Status: Project configured, library testing

Alma Tech Team1/1/20171/30/2019MediumLowAlma Item file export for GFALaura MorseAS

HD GFA accession checks relies on copy of full file of item records. Need to work with GFA to both ingest Alma item xml as well as revise checks for Alma coding.

Status: On hold temporarily related to decisions on ReCAP and upgrade to LAS 2019. Analysis underway with GFA to determine if this check is still needed.

Alma Tech Team6/30/201812/24/2018SmallLowItems to be withdrawn that are on loan or have open POLKara Young AS

Unavailable items remain in Alma

Status: Need to check retention notes. Should be complete by end of August.

Leila Smith7/3/20182/28/2019MediumHighRAPID ILL ImplementationMichael Edwards AS

Develop and implement the publishing profiles for sending Harvard Library holdings to RAPID. LTS work complete, test file sent to RAPID.

Status: Test file confirmed by Rapid. Scheduling regular updates in progress.

Marty Schreiner 9/4/201811/30/2018MediumMediumUpdated POE, DOC, and MIC to be LAM locationsKara YoungLamont

Lamont would like to incorporate these libraries as Lamont locations.

Status: Waiting for confirmation from libraries that this is still desired. KY will check with Steve.

Alma Tech Team10/2018September 2019 MediumMediumCreate invoices via APIBill Walsh / Tim ElliottITS

Use invoice APIs to create invoices for vendors unable to supply EDI invoicing.

Status: Initial code complete; further local development pending ExL work; see also SF case no. 673074

HUA/Kate Bowers/Marilyn RackleyMarch 2019 MediumLow

HUA Aeon integration

Corinna BaksikArchives

Create 200K+ item records for HUA Aeon implementation.

Status: Items are created. Cleanup required related to items that requires modification of holdings update script

Alma Tech Team1/1/2017 7/31/2019 (LTS work complete 7/6/19)MediumMediumEbookplates - Done except for Leadership decision regarding Community Zone recordsCorinna Baksik ADSC?

Lack of digital bookplates in HOLLIS for new receipts.

7/25/19 - everything is done except waiting on decision from Leadership re: CZ records

LTS8/9/2018 9/1/2019MediumHighEzProxy to CASKara Young/ Lindsay Whitacre


It is proving problematic implementing changes to AMS while it still has to support the EZProxy gateway.  I know that it was planned to move EZProxy off AMS and on to Shib/CAS. 

Status: LTS is configuring test version of EzP. HL EResources will partner for testing in July/August.

Baker6/1/2018 6/1/2019MediumMediumBaker 3.0 API ProjectLaura MorseBaker - Kelsey DeMello 

Requires framework for extending HOLLIS APIs.

  • Policy and process defined and distributed to Baker. Sandbox Keys generated for Baker 5/24/2019.
  • Full set of forms for project team received from Baker 7/18/2019.
  • Sandbox API key distributed 7/18/2019.

Status: Waiting for confirmation of receipt of keys/access from Baker.

Alma Tech Team1/1/2017 MediumHighLibrary CloudAllison Powers

Robin Wendler

Publish of Alma data for use in Library Cloud.

Status: Full republish for bibs/holdings/items in process. Stakeholders need to confirm this meets requirements.

Permanent Retention notes6/2019 LargeMediumAdding retention notes to recordsAllison Powers.


Adding retention notes to support collaborative partnerships (Hathi, ReCAP, LoR, JSTOR Retention)

Status: Hathi and ReCAP are done but may need adjustment. LoR and JSTOR requirements have not been finalized. Policy/maintenance documentation required from Harvard Library.

Alma Tech TeamongoingongoingMediumMediumO&M ProjectsTim ElliotVarious
  • Patron Loader Enhancements - various issues discovered with new flow from IAM PDS and Alma terms of use

    Status: On hold pending higher priority work in other areas

  • Secure Job monitor with Harvard Key

    Status: In Process
  • Modify Alma holdings record scrip

    Status: Corinna Spec'ing

  • EDI ordering

Status: On hold temporarily. Initial scripting in place, but further testing needed. Will revisit with ITS in September 2019.

Shalimar White7/2017 October 2019MediumMediumConsolidate Rubel collections in Fine ArtsKara YoungJessica Aberle

Circulation and management of Rubel collections separate from Fine Arts present issues with patron interfaces (Rubel appears as a pick-up location) and with staff workflows (staff have to flip "currently at" location to discharge Rubel items to put "in place"). Consolidation would simplify patron request options and provide more efficiency in circulation workflows.

Status: Mapping location codes

Google Scanning5/1/2019 TBDMediumHighAlma export and tracking processes (Is this for LAM Gov docs project?)Kara YoungSuzanne Wones

LTS scoped working doc (awaiting integration into more formal wiki documentation:

D2D(2015)December 2019SmallMedium852 $z Consult Circ Desk clean-upCorinna?

For some historical reason, for things at HD, staff added these (now incorrect) notes to items at HD: “Consult Circ. Desk for HW6P17.” This is deeply misleading to patrons because they do not have to consult the circ desk, they just have to click the request link in the catalog. 

D2D9/20/2019TBD (see above)SmallMedium852 $z Consult Judaica cleanup (cf. "Consult Circ Desk" cleanup above)CorinnaElizabeth VernonFP #6519 Alma Support: Judaica would like to batch remove all 852$z that read "Consult Judaica
Division" or "Consult Judaica Div" or "Consult Judaica Div." This would help
bring our records more in line with the current LTS cleanup removing "Consult
Circ Desk" public notes in the holding. We have already spoken to Corinna about
this, and she asked us to put it in a ticket. N.B. - A significant number of
these holding records also overlap with Judaica's 977 cleanup project
(ISSUE=5734 PROJ=60), and when the times to process this ticket, it should be
decided whether they should be done in tandem.

Requests To Be Prioritized by the Alma Executive Committee