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LTS reporting services for Aleph users include access to pre-defined reports as well as a report authoring system.  LTS also publishes regular reports and statistical counts in selected areas (budgets, Accounts Payable activity, etc.).

The HOLLIS Library Reporting system allows users to report on data that is extracted from Aleph, Reserves List, Harvard Depository, library turnstiles and stored on a dedicated reporting server. The data can currently be accessed using the web-based Cognos Connection application.

What does the Library Reporting System contain?

The Library Reporting System is a data warehouse that includes acquisitions :

, budget
  • Budget report data
, items, circulation
  • Circulation event history data used for statistics, loans and loan history, active requests,
reserves courses, reserves bibliographic data, and selected tags from the MARC bibliographic and holdings data.
  • and Aleph reserves
  • Reserves List tool data
  • Selected bibliographic and holdings data, as well as full MARC bibliographic, holdings, and authority record fields
  • Harvard Depository inventory, item retrieval, and storage data
  • Library turnstile event log and demographic data for Widener, Lamont, Cabot and Fine Arts

When is the Library Reporting System available? How often is data in the warehouse refreshed?

The Library Reporting System is available every day from 7am to midnight. There are no updates scheduled on Friday and Saturday nights. Library Reporting System data is refreshed by 7am every business day.

How do staff get access to the Library Reporting System query tool (Cognos)?

Designated library staff create reports and/or access a set of pre-defined reports using Cognos. A Cognos User license allows access to run pre-defined reports, while an Author license allows creation of custom reports from scratch. Contact LTS Support to learn if a Cognos license is currently available to register a new report user or author.

About mediated reporting

To ask a question about customizing reports or request a report from LTS, submit a request via the Aleph Support Center. As much as possible, report requests should specify the selection criteria (characteristics which all records in the report will have in common) and the data that ideally you would like to see on the report. 

Circulation activity reports

LTS is generating statistics on daily Aleph circulation events in each Harvard sublibrary. These statistics are reported in basic and detailed formats; results are emailed in two separate daily messages to Circulation Managers.

Basic circulation statistics:

A text file containing columns for date, sublibrary, circulation event, and event totals. Each daily basic report contains counts of events sub sorted by sublibrary.

Advanced (detailed) circulation statistics:

A text file containing columns for date, sublibrary, circulation event, item status, patron status, and event totals. Each daily advanced report contains counts of events sub sorted by sublibrary.

These and other circulation reports are also available as predefined reports in the Cognos Library Reporting System and can be customized and scheduled according to individual needs. If you have a question about circulation activity reports, send a request via the Aleph Support Center.

Harvard Depository Tracking Reports

LTS and HD staff created two tracking reports to ensure that both new accessions and items returned to HD after being recalled by the owning library are coded correctly in Aleph. These reports should be reviewed daily, and items should be created/corrected as necessary. The descriptions of the reports, and urls to the index pages for each report are listed below and are posted at: