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At this moment in time, there are a few controlled vocabularies that express entity relationships in general (some listed on our “Links” page). What there seems to be a dearth of right now are any vocabularies which express literary or theatrical relationships between entities: writing, publishing, producing, artistically influencing, &c. This feels like an area that will potentially see growth as EAC-CPF flourishes because of the multitudes of manuscript collections. It is hoped that the vocabulary developed for this project can lay some of that foundation.

Using the AgReLon and RELATIONSHIP vocabularies as examples, we constructed our own. As we tightened our local vocabulary and moved towards a final product, many nuanced considerations emerged. One example is that when the records were initially coded and the cpfRelations determined, some connections were made between people and corporate bodies which were characterized as connections between people and geographical sites. For instance, the Drury Lane Theater’s record points to King George III because the physical theater is the site of an attempted assassination of the King. However, the Drury Lane Theater record represents the corporate body rather than the physical location, so we decided to eschew with that connection altogether.