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  • Calendars and Conversion Tools

Oxford Islamic Studies Online

  • Hijra-Gregorian date converter
  • Must enter day, month, and year

ULB Sachsen-Anhalt Gregorian-Hijri year converter

  • Only converts years. Uses a set formula to provide a one-to-one correspondence between Gregorian and Hijra calendars. Rough, but helpful if you only have the year.

Islamic/Christian Calendar Converter at MELA

  • Converts "Christian" to "Islamic" dates and vice versa, apparently taking into account the shift from the Julian calendar.
  • Easy interface, showing both dates simultaneously.
  • Displays Julian day
  • Handy guide to the months of the Islamic calendar

Tarih Çevirme Kılavuzu at the National Library of Turkey

  • Converts Gregorian (Miladi), Hijri, and Julian (Rumi) dates
  • Only through mid-1925 CE
  • In Turkish