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Other Committees

Commission of Inquiry

Any student, faculty member, or administrative officer who has an inquiry, suggestion, or complaint may address it to the Commission of Inquiry, c/o Office of the Secretary of the Faculty, University Hall. The Commission will then direct the inquiry, suggestion, or complaint to the appropriate agency of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. When such an agency does not exist, the Commission will attempt to aid in resolving the matter. The Commission is sometimes instrumental in establishing a new agency for handling recurrent issues. Although the Commission has no power to make rulings, it can play an advocacy role in pressing for the resolution of issues.

Ordinarily, the Commission reports to the community on the matters that come before it and, in so doing, attempts to keep the community informed about factual background material and the resolution of matters of community concern.

Student-Faculty Committees for 2017–2018

Committee on Student Life
Katherine O’Dair (Chair), Paul Barreira, Sylvia Barrett, Anya Bassett, Verena Conley, Thomas Dingman, Deborah Gehrke, Gail O'Keefe, and Sean Palfrey

Student members: Nicholas Boucher, Jack Deschler, Nadine Khoury, Julianna Rodriguez, Abigail Scholer, Parth Thakker, Jackson Walker, and Catherine Zhang


Committee on Undergraduate Education
Jay Harris (Chair), Paul Bamberg, Edo Berger, Joseph Blitzstein, Jeffrey Miron, and Sandra Naddaff

Student members: Evan Bonsall, Eduardo Gonzalez, Samuel Leichenger, Kanishk Mittal, and Sruthi Palaniappan


Committee on Graduate Education
Emma Dench (Chair), Danielle Allen, Vincent Brown, Sylvaine Guyot, James Hogle, Vijay Iyer, and Elie Tamer

 Student members: Masha Bertling (ex officio), Nava Gharaei, Gonzalo Gonzalez del Pino, Neelam Khoja, and Paul Tylkin















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