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Upcoming in-person meetings

No meetings currently scheduled. Please sign up for HL-link-data-discussion or look out for event announcements on the hlcomms mailing list.


LDDG is a discussion group on linked data, convened so that staff can discuss projects and new developments, share skills and resources, and help one another as they explore linked data in the context of projects or other work. The group is open to staff of all technical skill levels, and be primarily conducted through informal asynchronous means (see our email list). Our purpose is to help library staff to spread knowledge acquired through courses or projects, learn new technologies, and to keep their knowledge current as we endeavor to expose Harvard Library metadata and collections in new ways.


Christine Fernsebner Eslao, Metadata Management Librarian, HL ITS Metadata Management

Steven Folsom, Metadata Technologies Program Manager, HL ITS Metadata Management

Ryan Wheeler, Library Assistant, Houghton Library

Sarah Corvene, Taxonomy/Metadata Analyst, Baker Library

Dan Belich, Cataloger, Metadata Creation for the Professional Schools, Ernst Mayr Library

Email list

HL-linked-data-discussion is used for internal communication between Harvard Library staff engaged in learning about linked data through courses, projects, and Harvard Library's Linked Data Discussion Group. It’s intended for extremely informal peer support: asking questions (“What exactly does this button do in Oxygen?”), discussing projects (“Check out this graph visualization”), exploring tools and resources (“What’s your preferred tool for running SPARQL queries?”), troubleshooting (“Is DBpedia down or is it just me?”), and other discussions to facilitate learning and work between colleagues. Subscription requests are approved by the list owners.

Past in-person meetings

Ex Libris: Show & Tell! Linked Data Roadmap Update and Q/A with Josh Weisman

Thursday, November 30, 9-11:30 am, 90 Mt. Auburn St. Room 021

The Alma Implementation Linked Data Working Group and the Linked Data Discussion Group invite you to join us for a viewing of the ELUNA/IGeLU Show & Tell with Josh Weisman, VP for development at ExLibris, for an update on ExLibris’ Linked Data Roadmap.

We will be watching live in room 021 at 90 Mt. Auburn, and will have time for some additional local discussion as well.

Please see the full announcement from the Show & Tell organizers:

BIBFRAME editors

Thursday, November 9th, 2-3 pm, 90 Mt. Auburn St. Room 021

This month, we’ll be looking at web-based applications for creating and editing linked data descriptions of library resources using BIBFRAME. These will include Library of Congress’s BFE, Cornell’s Vitrolib, and Stanford’s Cedar.

This is not a training session for production-ready tools, but a discussion about the varied features and priorities of these in-development tools. How easy (or not) are they to use? How much (or little) do they require knowledge of BIBFRAME? How do they integrate other ontologies?

All are welcome and we hope you’ll be able to join us.

Access to 90 Mt. Auburn St.

Enter #001 on keyboard next to entrance and someone will buzz you into the building

Elevator or stairs down one floor to room 021

We’ll be giving a basic overview of the BIBFRAME data model. More detailed information is available here:

Annotating Derrida at Princeton

Thursday, April 13th, 12:30-1:30 pm in the Lamont Forum Room

In 2015, Princeton acquired the personal library of Jacques Derrida. A significant number of these volumes bear heavy annotation, and many are dedicated to Derrida from peers including Roland Barthes, Giorgio Agamben, and Emmanuel Levinas. Using the W3C Web Annotation Model as the basis for their work, the Princeton team is using this collection as a testing ground to explore ways of encoding copy-specific data – in this case, the manuscript dedications – as linked data, rather than as traditional notes.

Princeton's Peter Green joins us for an informal discussion of the project.

PCC URIs Task Group: Year One Update

Thursday, December 8th, 12:30-1:30 pm in the Lamont Forum Room

Presentation and Discussion with Jackie Shieh, Coordinator of Resource Description Group at George Washington University and Chair of the PCC URIs in MARC Task Group

The PCC is committed through its strategic plan to lead the transition to optimize library data for the web. Providing URIs in MARC records will greatly facilitate the reuse of MARC data as linked data and opens the way for catalogers to work with entity registries and controlled vocabularies from the larger metadata community. The time is right for PCC to develop a strategy that supports these objectives, outlined in the PCC Strategic Directions, 2015-2017.

In an attempt to link related events, the presentation on the 8th described above will build on a recent ALCTS webinar viewing: “Embedded  URI in MARC: An Essential for Linked Data”. See ALCTS webinars series, From MARC to BIBFRAME on the Training & Learning wiki page for more information.

Linked Places in the context of Library Metadata

Thursday, November 10, 12:30-1:30 pm, Lamont Forum Room

Presentation and Discussion with Lex Berman, Web Service Manager & GIS Specialist, Center for Geographic Analysis and project manager for the China Historical GIS

The Linked Places project is based on the work of Pleiades, Pelagios, and other historical gazetteer projects.    These earlier projects have taken references to historical places with stable URIs and linked them with various types of historical records, typically items in collections.  Moving beyond the static connection of objects with particular locations, the Linked Places project is developing a conceptual model for historical journeys, itineraries, and flows.   This talk will introduce these historical geographic information projects and explore areas where library data can support these projects.

Linked Places:

Lex's presentation slides: 



Discovering and reusing linked open data vocabularies and instance data 

Thursday, October 20, 12-1:30, Lamont Forum Room

Without reuse of shared models and reuse of instance data from those shared models, there is no “linked data”. Why is reuse important? What initiatives and tools are being developed to enable discovery and reuse of vocabularies, ontologies, and data?



Readings (not required for participation)

Discovery/Evaluation of Ontologies for Reuse
Discovering Linked Data (Instance Data) for Reuse

LDDG kickoff: a joint meeting with Cataloging Discussion Group

Tuesday, August 2, 11-12:30, Lamont Forum Room

Harvard Library participants in projects funded through Mellon's LD4L Labs & LD4P grants will give updates about their work with cartographic, geospatial, and moving image metadata, as well as recent LD4L/LD4P meetings in Washington, D.C. and Palo Alto.

We'll also facilitate a discussion of what we might want to see in future meetings of the Linked Data Discussion Group. Please bring suggestions for topics, speakers, or readings to discuss together! We look forward to your input.



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