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Interactive Map of diabetes and obesity rates using Cluster and Bubble Plot

This is a map of diabetes(DM) and obesity(Ob) rates by county in the US in 20071. The map was created using a cluster analysis (Analyze->Multivariate methods->Cluster) to identify patterns of DM and Ob rates and color code counties by pattern (cluster). Then, I created a bubble plot that uses longitude and latitude2 of the counties for the axes and cluster for the coloring. DM and Ob rates are highly correlated in most counties. The coloring scheme highlights counties with discrepancies in rates. I saved the resulting map as a flash file so that it would be interactive for the user. (Just select "Save as flash" from the Bubble Plot Hotspot.)

Click on the arrow on the top, left for interactive options. Move the axes to recenter the map after zooming in and out.

The cursor will show the name of a county.


This table was created with the Tables->Tabulate platform:

Bubble Plot showing poverty levels: Ratio Of Income In 1999 To Poverty Level For Population For Whom Poverty Status is Determined: Under 2.00 (Poor or stuggling)


1Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: National Diabetes Surveillance System. 2007. Available online at: Retrieved 12/23/2009.

2US Census 2000 county-level reports; Data downloaded from Social Explorer (Harvard PIN required);

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