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CNC Router Tutorial

CNC Tutorial

Step-by-step text and images about the CNC router cutting workflow through MasterCAM. Links to videos as a part of the step-by-step tutorial as well as videos captured from past Digital Media Workshops.

See also Lynda.com for video tutorials on MasterCAM.

Structured Light 3D Scanner Tutorial

3D Scanning Tutorial

Pages discussing use of the David SLS-3 Structured Light Scanner as well as other devices/methods/software/workflow related to 3D scanning.


Roland CNC Mill Tutorial

Roland CNC Mill

PDF about the VPanel, SRP player (an STL-based workflow), and text about the MasterCAM workflow, including reviewing the NC file.


Laser Tutorial

Laser Cutting Tutorial

General workflow how-to related to use of the Universal Laser cutters via Adboe Illustrator, Rhino, and AutoCAD.


Zund CNC Cutter Tutorial

Zund Tutorial

Step-by-step text and images about the Zund cutter workflow, including file setup and available hardware.



Inflatables Tutorial

General Info about making inflatable structures, links to other references, etc.

Dremel 3D Printer Tutorial

Dremel 3D Printer Tutorial

Workflow for the Dremel self-serve desktop 3D printer


Vacuum Former Tutorial

Vaacuum Former Tutorial

PDF documents consisting of text and images describing the machine setup, geometric considerations, and the workflow.


Instron Load Tester Tutorial

Load Tester Tutorial

PDF document consisting of text and images describing the process of using the load tester for assessing tensile and compressive characteristics of a material.


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