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Considerations for this method


  • Can reused by reheating
  • Low Cost
  • Can be colored with special pigments


  • May absorb color from materials it contacts
  • May develop cloudy stratification if cooling is not even throughout
  • Appearance and volume will change over time depending on humidity
  • Low Viscosity, requires water-tight mold



Material options

 METHODCOST ($/cubic inch)TIME: totalProduction StepsTime requiredSpecial Equipment NeededConditionsAble to be colored?health and safetyChemical CompositionPPEWhere to Purchase

Glycerin$0.22Sample cube required approximately 1 hour.Heat sufficient quantity of product to liquid state using a double-boiler. Increase exposed surface area by cutting product into smaller cubes prior to melting to decrease melting time.
Surfaces can be scraped to improve clarity, temporarily. Material is hygroscopic, so moisture from the air will change appearance of model sufaces over time.
To remove or reuse product, it can be reheated to liquid state.
Dimension of volume to be cast, ambient temperature, and insulative properties of the mold/model will determine time required for product to cool to solid state.

Double-boiler to control temperature. Perform only in a space where use of heated equipment and material is not a hazard.Susceptible to bubbles forming depending on mold/model material and its porosity.
When heated, this is a low viscosity liquid; mold must be tightly sealed to contain the liquid substance before it cools.
Soap dyes may be used.
Constituent ingredients can cause eye damage, skin irritation, and are toxic to aquatic life. Do not ingest.
Use of product requires working with a hot liquid, protect skin, face and eyes from burns and splashes.
Other possible toxicological hazards have not been thoroughly tested.
Propylene Glycol CAS # 57-55-6 TWA 10 mg/m3
Sorbitol CAS # 50-70-4
Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Sodium Palmitate
Sodium Myristate
Sodium Starate
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
Sodium Laurate
Thermal gloves and long sleeves to protect from burns.Artist & Craftsman Supply
Dick Blick

Mold Preparation